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6 Companies to Copy for Your Social Recruiting

Even though we’re told not to copy from our first day in school, “borrowing” from the best is how most companies come into existence and it’s how all companies stay in business. If we didn’t borrow ideas from the competition,

Using Technology for Learning at Work

Usually September’s arrival means school is back in session. If you’re a student, you’re trying to wrap your head around new concepts, like how much of your life will be spent in school (15-29% for Americans, depending on the degree).

You Need to Identify and Develop Talent Inside your Company

When we talk about “identifying talent,” we’re usually talking about identifying this talent on the job market. Whether you’re a soldier on the front lines of the “war for talent” or are wandering from one dry “talent pool” to another,

5 Steps to Make your Office Awesome (Without Going Broke)

Each year, best-in-class employers spend thousands and even millions to keep their best people happy. The food is catered, the chairs are ergonomic, the gym has experimental exercise equipment and the team-building exercises are better than most people’s summer vacation.

Do Your Employees Have a Future?

The days of starting work in the mail room and ending up in the board room are over. Today’s innovation economy relies on specialized talent to keep the wheels turning and that sort of skill level doesn’t come with your

4 Ways to Ruin your Work/Life Balance

No matter if you’re a CEO, a freelancer, or a regular 9-to-5er, everyone has to work. That being said, not many people like to work. They may like the money they get in exchange for their time or the satisfaction

Getting the Best Results from the Best Job Boards

There are a lot of job boards out there, and reaching the talent that you want to reach will require you to understand your hiring needs and track the results of the job boards that you use. Job boards give

Quality of Hire: The Only Metric that Matters?

The quick answer is YES! If you want to take our word for it, we thank you for the vote of confidence, but you still need to know why! The “Churn and Burn” model of hiring (emphasizing speed and cost

Hiring Hiring Managers

Question: Who tows the tow truck driver? Answer: A tow truck driver. Question: Who delivers the mail man’s mail? Answer: A mail man or a mail woman. Question: Who hires the hiring manager? Answer: A hiring manger.   Hiring managers aren’t delivered to your company via

Hiring Manager Satisfaction: The Canary in the Coal Mine

Back before the advent of modern technology, 1987, British coal miners were still bringing caged Canaries with them into the tunnels to warn of any deadly gasses released during excavation. Canaries, being tiny birds, were hit more strongly by these gasses and would

America’s New Hiring Metrics

  In honor of The 4th of July, apple pie, barbecue, fireworks and all the other fun things that you enjoyed over the weekend, we thought we’d talk about everyone’s favorite subject: hiring metrics. Hiring metrics, like an un-lit firework,

Can’t Get No (HIRING MANAGER) Satisfaction

  Satisfaction can be hard to come by. While many products claim to be satisfying, satisfaction isn’t as easy as eating delicious chocolate or buying a sweet set of sneakers. These things might make you very happy for a few

Hiring Managers and Recruiters: It Takes Two to Alley-Oop

Whoever you were rooting for in Sunday night’s NBA playoffs, you have to admit that it was a good series. Both finalist teams had history making seasons: the Warriors setting the record for consecutive victories in the regular season and the

Hiring for Fit: Does it Really Matter?

Well, when you need a new pair of shoes, how do you choose the pair to wear? They say if the shoe fits wear it, but they also say that the shoes make the man and that these boots are

How to Ruin your Candidate Search

Just because you go to the trouble of writing a job description, doesn’t mean anyone will take the trouble to read it. Right now, demand for talent is at an all time high.  Skilled, employed professionals, AKA passive candidates, are

Candidates are People Too

What is a candidate? The dictionary defines a candidate as: “a person who applies for a job or is nominated for election,” but also, “a person taking an examination,” and “a person or thing regarded as suitable for or likely

Stop Using Resumes as a Barrier to Entry

When was the last time you updated your resume? If you’ve been holding the same position for many years, it may have been quite a while since you dusted off your trusty old Resume.doc. Then again, if you’ve been grinding your

Cat Herding 101 – Recruiting in 2016

Early in my career I had the pleasure of working with Electronic Data Systems (EDS). During the height of the first dotcom bubble we hired a brilliantly creative advertising firm (Fallon) that produced an ad originally aired during the 2000

Improve Employee Retention with Retention Interviews

The employee that you rely upon the most will leave you. They may not leave you holding the bag, but, one day, the person or the people who keep the whole show running are going to go on to the

Is Outsourced Recruiting Right for you?

It has been an interesting handful of years for corporate recruiting. The recession of 2008 has had an anemic and hesitant recovery and the markets have been volatile. Economic strategists can’t seem to reach a consensus on whether we’re pulling

A Song of Ice and Hire

Game of Thrones, the best-selling book and one of the best TV shows of all time, is about to begin its 6th season on HBO. While many fans of the series are gearing up for their yearly Game of Thrones

Why Your Millennial Employees Will Leave You

Young people don’t stay in their jobs for very long. This has been true since before you quit your first job, but the world at large seems fairly preoccupied with the fact that the Millennials are hopping jobs like there’s no tomorrow. From their

17 Most Ridiculous Resumes

A resume is a candidates chance to make a great first impression, and with the high level of competition, candidates need to do things to standout. Unfortunately that sometimes means you have to sift through endless misspellings or pictures of

Hiring in a Candidate Driven Market

Hiring in a candidate driven market is tough. A candidate driven market is one that is driven by the skills of professionals, not by the wants or plans of employers. While there are many factors that have led us to