A Bad First Day Can Leave New Employees Guarded

Having hardworking and loyal employees has just as much to do with the environment that you provide for them to work in as it does with the people themselves. If your employees feel welcomed and included in the company culture, then they are much more likely to stick around. Too often, when a new hire arrives for their first day of work, nobody is whiling to take the time to orient this fresh employee in a way that encourages confidence. It’s important to remember that first impressions go both ways and that a bad start can leave an employee keen on keeping their options open. In an article from American Express Open Forum, Mike Michalowicz lays out the importance of these first days on the job through two examples: the right way and the wrong way. The wrong way, unfortunately, is all too common: leaving the new hire to fend for themselves. Management needs to be present to facilitate the addition of a new player to the team in order to promote lasting professional ties. By giving them a hands-on explanation of what your work relationship will be like, you are helping to make it positive and long lasting. To find out how to make your next new employee’s first day more pleasant for both of you, click the link below.

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