A Few Pointers On LinkedIn Endorsements

Earlier this year the endorsement feature was added to LinkedIn which allows you to “endorse” a particular skill set of any of your friends on the social network. According to a LinkedIn spokeswoman, the endorsement was meant to encourage encouragement and the proliferation of recommendations without the hassle of writing up dozens of individual plugs for all your old rugby friends’ fresh out of college kiddies. Yes they are important. It’s not like “liking” something on Facebook because, while LinkedIn is a social network, LinkedIn is continually proving itself to be a legitimate hiring tool. This doesn’t mean that you should accept every endorsement from every Thom, Dick and Harry who say that you have some skills on the grill. Branching out with endorsements is a great way to refine and strengthen the important business relationships that you are cultivating or trying to cultivate with the website. To get the complete do’s and don’ts from Forbes and a spokeswoman for LinkedIn, click the link below.

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