Universal Hiring Best Practices

the top 10 hiring best practices that help organizations hire and retain top performers.

These best practices in hiring recognize that hiring managers have many priorities and that candidates may also be consumers, referral sources, future hires and investors. Accolo’s unique model ensures adherence to all 10 Universal Hiring Best Practices for every job.

1. Easy for the Hiring Manager

The hiring process should be the path of least resistance for hiring managers.

2. Every Job is Unique

Every job is as unique as the hiring manager, team, geography, function and company and should be profiled and managed accordingly.

3. Courteous, Respectful and Confidential

Every stakeholder deserves to be treated with courtesy, respect and complete confidentiality.

4. Referrals must be Leveraged

Referrals are the best source of candidates, and each recruiting effort should actively seek and follow-up with referrals.

5. Incorporate All Sources

All sources should be included in the recruiting process, including traditional and non-traditional direct sourcing methods.

6. Adaptable Process

Recruiting approach should be responsive to different job types (Executive, technical, non-exempt, etc.).

7. Diversity Sourcing

Diversity sourcing should be included with every job. The world is diverse and a diverse workforce gives a company a strategic advantage.

8. Fair and Equal Opportunity

Every Candidate deserves a fair and equal opportunity to apply and receive job-specific consideration.

9. Follow up and Closure

Every Candidate deserves follow-up and closure, regardless of outcome.

10. Applicant Tracking

EEO data capture, applicant tracking and reporting must be complete and accurate for every job.

Hiring Best Practices
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