Guide To Writing Good Behavioral-Based Questions

Good Behavioral-Based QuestionsWithin the question framework of the Accolo online application for candidates is the ability for Accolo Hiring Consultants and Hiring Managers to craft behavioral based interview questions.

For the sake of expediency and keystroke-savings, the behavioral based question is known affectionately to us “in the Biz” as a BBQ. Unlike a conventional BBQ, the Accolo BBQ has nothing to do with a grill, with pork or with pork by-products. Be that as it may, the BBQ is the real meat, the real beef, as it were, in a candidate’s online job application.

Accolo CEO John Younger, when discussing the Behavioral Based Question with a Hiring Manager, is on record saying,

“The answers to these questions are like gold. Where else can you get a candidate response that so accurately measures their ability to do the job you want them to do, and to succeed in this role?”

Now for a candidate’s answer to be “golden,” a BBQ must be, shall we say, concrete. A well written BBQ is not whimsical, fluffy or ethereal. It’s not intended to allow a candidate to conjecture about their ability to do something. Just as there’s no crying in baseball, there’s no conjecture in the BBQ. It should be written so that the candidate can effectively “pay off” the experience in their background, and by their answer demonstrate why they can perform one or more of the key functions required on the job. For example, if the candidate for a product manager has answered an initial screening question, or ISQ, with a response indicating they have created content for mobile devices, but you do not see the same experience cited on the resume, a BBQ on this subject makes them cite specifics.

If this concept is difficult, then go rent the movie, Jerry Maguire. Cuba Gooding Jr. could have been talking about the BBQ when he said: “Show me the money! Show me the money, Jerry. Show me the money.” A candidate’s answer to the BBQ you’ve written should show us the money.

Examples of well written Behavioral Based Interview Questions:

“In what environments have you worked where you’ve had to adhere to the PCI Data Security Standard? How did this standard affect your deliverables, either positively or negatively? “

“Describe your development of algorithms for use in a very low (200MHz) power environment with severe memory constraint. Explain how you accounted for synchronization issues in multi-threaded code.”

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