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Measure hiring manager satisfaction as one of your key metrics with this survey

Before we begin an engagement, we distribute Hiring Manager satisfaction surveys to establish a baseline to measure future recruitment performance. These Hiring Manager Surveys are a subjective measurement of your recruiting, but the Hiring Managers’ perceptions of the recruiting function are ultimately the most important metric. If you are not focused on making the Hiring Managers and candidates happy, you are not managing the function with the real customers in mind.

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We use a variation of this to measure our success after every hire we make and to get valuable feedback. The last question in this recruiting survey is written for internal recruiting departments—our internal version asks the question more directly as an external partner.

We also use the recruitment survey template as a hiring tool to give us a feel for what we’re getting ourselves into. You’ll note we use a 1-5 scale on our recruiting satisfaction survey, which is a little easier for the audience but it does not measure with as fine a gradient.

How to Use the Hiring Manager and Recruitment Survey Questions

We prefer to hand these surveys out during implementation meetings where we have a hiring managers’ full attention. It can be difficult to get a meaningful response rate from a longer recruiting survey without the full attention of your audience, but we have used online survey tools such as SurveyMonkey or SurveyGizmo with success.

We’ve found this pre-implementation data to be invaluable in comparing our performance to the performance of those that were before us. Comparing a client’s data to other clients or national averages is not nearly as valuable as benchmarking against the actual data from before you started. For internal recruiting departments, we recommend setting benchmark data through these hiring manager surveys prior to undertaking any formal process improvement efforts. It’s difficult to measure your improvement if you do not know where you started.

If you have any questions on using our hiring manager and recruiting surveys, please contact us. We hope these help evaluate your current recruiting performance!

Example Hiring Manager Surveys

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