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Job Seeker Tools

Looking for job? Careers seekers can find tips here on how to find good matches, get influential referrals, interview well, and, finally, get recruited into the perfect-match position. Start here!

Candidate Bill of Rights

We know what it’s like to look for a job. The experience can be painful and humiliating — and that’s just during the application process. So Accolo has created a Candidate Bill of Rights. The specifics are below, but the

How to Spot Bad Management

We’ve all had those bosses in our lives that seem to inspire more fear than leadership, more confusion than certainty and (more often than not) a whole lot of extra work. Now think about the best bosses you’ve had. Can

Thank You for Your Referral

Your friend thanks you… and we thank you! Leveraging our network of colleagues and friends is one of the best ways we grow our careers. Thank you for thinking of your friend and referring them to an open position! In

Prep 101: Because You Should Never Get Caught With Your Pants Down

Whether you’re a job searching pro or have just figured out that a “Search Agent” has no relation to James Bond, you can minimize the unavoidable chaos that comes with applying and interviewing by making sure you’ve got these basics

Communication 101: What Not to Do

5 Ways To Make Yourself Difficult Or Unpleasant to Reach Your resume has finally grabbed someone’s attention, now getting that long-awaited phone call or email regarding an interview is par for the course.

Selecting and Executing References

No matter what your field—from food service to engineering, marketing to retail—one thing that is consistent over most hiring processes is reference checking, which is great! This is your chance to have others vouch for your great professional skills, work

How to Ace the Interview

Congratulations—you’ve earned yourself an interview! Now is your chance to prove that you are more than just a name and a few bullet points on a resume… or at the very least, that you’re better than that other candidate.