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Most people don’t know it, but ‘accolo’ means neighbor in Latin. We want to be really good neighbors too – You know, the kind of neighbor you can talk with for hours over a couple of cold ones. Well, this is our neighborhood and we’ve got lots of great stuff to talk about. So we’ve got the grill fired up, drinks are in the cooler, and we’re just waiting for you to get this party started. Welcome to the neighborhood!

Hiring Manager Survey

Hiring Manager Survey Questions

Anonymous Hiring Manager Survey Questions Are A Great Way to Measure Hiring Manager Satisfaction As One Of Your Key Metrics Here at Accolo, we begin every new engagement by distributing Hiring Manager Survey Questions in order to establish a baseline ...

Communication 101: What Not to Do

5 Ways To Make Yourself Difficult Or Unpleasant to Reach Your resume has finally grabbed someone’s attention, now getting that long-awaited phone call or email regarding an interview is par for the course. For this, you have a dizzying buffet of ...

Selecting and Executing References

No matter what your field—from food service to engineering, marketing to retail—one thing that is consistent over most hiring processes is reference checking, which is great! This is your chance to have others vouch for your great professional skills, ...

How to Ace the Interview

Congratulations—you’ve earned yourself an interview! Now is your chance to prove that you are more than just a name and a few bullet points on a resume… or at the very least, that you’re better than that other candidate. We ...

Careless Recruiting Could Crush Social Networking

Quality is key for social network recruiting. Download this guide to learn how to: Ensure a positive social network recruiting processes Set up your social recruiting strategy Lower costs and increase recruitment performance

The Myth of Recruitment Outsourcing

Today, outsourcing of the generalist functions, such as payroll, benefits administration, and employee relations has considerable momentum, but the recruiting function is just beginning to be seriously considered. There are three principal hurdles in navigating the recruitment outsourcing landscape: ...

Going Green

A Great Way to Attract Top Talent to Your Company Americans’ views on the environment are changing and companies will need to stay ahead of the trends to be viewed as employers of choice. Now more than ever, employees want ...

Employee Campaign Referral Guide: Learn how to increase your employee referrals with these real world strategies and examples