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There is always something cooking at Accolo. From the latest hire for an industry-leading RPO client or another award that is breaking the shelves of our trophy case, come here and come often to keep a finger on the pulse of Accolo.

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The EEOC is Cracking Down on the Improper Use of Criminal Records

Learn the EEOC Guidelines and Best Practices for Using Criminal Background Checks when Hiring

How to Spot Bad Management

We’ve all had those bosses in our lives that seem to inspire more fear than leadership, more confusion than certainty and (more often than not) a whole lot of extra work. Now think about the best bosses you’ve had. Can

Interview Questions that Reveal Everything

You have thirty minutes to gather all the information you need to make the perfect hire. You’re aware of the negative impact that a bad hire has on a company and you want to leave confident knowing you made the

Are Independent Contractors Worth the Risk?

Government ‘tax-gap’ crackdowns and individual claims are on the rise. Learn how to identify and avoid the risk with your contractors. Increasingly, cash-strapped governments are looking at what they call the “tax gap” which includes unpaid payroll taxes, unemployment taxes,

How to Fire a Toxic Employee

Define toxic behaviors and their effects, discuss common fears and legal implications, and learn the 11 steps to effective management and firing of a toxic employee.

Are Independent Contractors Worth the Risk?

Government ‘tax-gap’ crackdowns and individual claims are on the rise. Learn how to identify and avoid the risk with your contractors

Round 2: a Deeper Look at the DNA of a Great Sales Person

Learn how to refine your sales team and hire A players… time and time again!

Webinar: The DNA of a Great Sales Person

Learn how to identify A players… time and time again! We’re excited to be able to bring you Chris Lundine of Culture Index and our own Ray Rike for this informational webinar focused on how you can consistently and repeatedly

Thank You for Your Referral

Your friend thanks you… and we thank you! Leveraging our network of colleagues and friends is one of the best ways we grow our careers. Thank you for thinking of your friend and referring them to an open position! In

Making a Job Offer

Courteous, Respectful and Confidential: best practices in extending an offer of employment “If you are planning on doing business with someone again, don’t be too tough in the negotiations. If you’re going to skin a cat, don’t keep it as

Hiring Manager Survey Questions

measure hiring manager satisfaction as one of your key metrics with this survey Before we begin an engagement, we distribute Hiring Manager satisfaction surveys to establish a baseline to measure future recruitment performance. These Hiring Manager Surveys are a subjective

EEO Compliance

Here at Accolo, we don’t like to take ourselves too seriously, but when it comes to Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) compliance, we straighten up and stop joking around. Disregarding EEOC/OFCCP laws and regulations can be a huge detriment to your

Universal Hiring Best Practices

the top 10 hiring best practices that help organizations hire and retain top performers. These best practices in hiring recognize that hiring managers have many priorities and that candidates may also be consumers, referral sources, future hires and investors. Accolo’s

Prep 101: Because You Should Never Get Caught With Your Pants Down

Whether you’re a job searching pro or have just figured out that a “Search Agent” has no relation to James Bond, you can minimize the unavoidable chaos that comes with applying and interviewing by making sure you’ve got these basics

Communication 101: What Not to Do

5 Ways To Make Yourself Difficult Or Unpleasant to Reach Your resume has finally grabbed someone’s attention, now getting that long-awaited phone call or email regarding an interview is par for the course.

Selecting and Executing References

No matter what your field—from food service to engineering, marketing to retail—one thing that is consistent over most hiring processes is reference checking, which is great! This is your chance to have others vouch for your great professional skills, work

How to Ace the Interview

Congratulations—you’ve earned yourself an interview! Now is your chance to prove that you are more than just a name and a few bullet points on a resume… or at the very least, that you’re better than that other candidate.

2011 Recruiting Metrics by

Recorded Webinar: 2010 Recruiting Metrics by How do you measure up? Plus, learn how to translate your metrics into results your CEO and CFO care about.

Recruiting Metrics 101 – Performance Goals

How do you measure your recruiting performance? The simple answer is, if you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it. HR sometimes gets a bad rap for being too nebulous, too touchy-feely and too soft. There is a percecption that

Careless Recruiting Could Crush Social Networking

Quality is key for social network recruiting. Download this guide to learn how to: Ensure a positive social network recruiting processes Set up your social recruiting strategy Lower costs and increase recruitment performance   [social_share/] Download Your FREE Guide Now!

The Myth of Recruitment Outsourcing

Today, outsourcing of the generalist functions, such as payroll, benefits administration, and employee relations has considerable momentum, but the recruiting function is just beginning to be seriously considered. There are three principal hurdles in navigating the recruitment outsourcing landscape: Recognizing

Building Your Brand Through the Hiring Process

Whether or not a candidate gets a position with your company, you want to ensure that their exposure to your brand during the hiring process is engaging and respectful. For candidates that you hire, this may be their first exposure

Going Green

A Great Way to Attract Top Talent to Your Company Americans’ views on the environment are changing and companies will need to stay ahead of the trends to be viewed as employers of choice. Now more than ever, employees want

What is Cloud Recruiting?

Learn the Benefits of Recruiting in the Cloud Instead of manual, resource intensive techniques of traditional recruiting models, Cloud Recruiting harnesses the power of today’s networked and socially connected world leveraging the following 3 major concepts…