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There is always something cooking at Accolo. From the latest hire for an industry-leading RPO client or another award that is breaking the shelves of our trophy case, come here and come often to keep a finger on the pulse of Accolo.

Check out our recruitment process outsourcing resources:

Webinar : Employment Screening, beware and be aware

Avoid common pitfalls when screening future employees & learn the latest trends.

Webinar: Social Network Recruiting… The Next Generation of Employee Referrals

Learn the facts and figures behind employee referral programs and social networks. Discover how you can improve your recruiting by adding social networks to the mix.

Webinar: The DNA of a Great Sales Person

Learn how to identify A players… time and time again!

Webinar: The Inside Numbers on the Job Market and the Impending Hiring War

…And how to navigate both successfully! In Q1 alone, the job market grew by 30.8%!

Webinar : How to Measure then Manage your Hiring Costs to Gain a Competitive Advantage

learn how to measure your hiring costs and gain controlahead of the impending talent hiring war As the economy improves, companies are experiencing an increasing need to quickly hire the best talent. CFO’s and Human Resources executives are becoming increasingly

Does making the best marketing hire impact your ability to achieve your 2010 Goals?

The impact of the perfect-fit employee Would you like to be able to utilize the top hiring performance strategies for Marketing Executives established from the aggregate hiring intelligence of over 400 companies and 15,000 successful hires?

Can Your Team Compete For Olympic Gold?

Ensure you have Gold Medal Winners on YOUR TEAM! All winning teams need ‘A players’. We’ve pulled together the competitive market intelligence to help you build your winning team!

Outsourcing for financial impact

A response to cash savings from outsourcing IT On a plane to San Diego, I had the good fortune of my laptop battery dying after its standard 30 minutes of life and opened the May issue of Inc magazine.