Author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad" Files for Bankruptcy

As it’s Friday afternoon and all, I thought that some nice topical irony would be just the thing for today’s post. You all remember “Rich Dad Poor Dad” right? For those of you who haven’t heard, it’s author Robert Kiyosaki (and Donald Trump) espoused that it was one of the greatest “how get rich quick” books to ever get its author super super rich. But as with Oedipus and Icarus, this business and book mogul had a fatal flaw that has lead to his downfall. As of Thursday, the once prosperous author is filing for corporate bankruptcy for a company already millions in debt. If he’s been able to hear himself talk for all these years the proof is definitely missing in the business management pudding. To read the full article and see an entertaining news clip, click the link below. Oh yeah, and Happy Friday everyone!

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