Big Data And the Hiring of Tomorrow

In our technology driven present day, automation has lost some of the stigma that it once bore to the general public. Nobody thinks twice when they see an automatic toll booth or an ATM about the people that could have done this job and the whole “machines rising” thing is so Y2K. What has seemed alienating to some is the new trend of leaving a company’s hiring to be carried out by an algorithmic assessment of seemingly irrelevant personality tests. According to the Yahoo! Finance article below, Xerox has traded in hiring manager instinct for basic data analysis, the determining factors of which are often commute time or level of empathy. This practice can be a little sticky due to the potential for unintentional discrimination. Internationally, companies have been throwing ever more funds and time into a technology based solution to the hiring problem. At Accolo, we believe that the way to make a better hire does lie in technological improvements, but that the human element should never be entirely removed. As always, the answer lies somewhere in the middle of the two extremes.

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