Big Data = Big Demand For Data Analysts

If I told you to name some careers in Science and Mathematics, what would pop into your head first? Chemist? Astronomer? Math Teacher? How about Analysts? Yes, it’s analysts of all kinds that comprise the majority of the most sought-after scientific hires. Sure, we’ve all looked at some graphs before, but not like these guys. In part because of Big Data and the ever expanding field of Bioinformatics, number wizards are needed more than ever before. This means that some specialized data analysts are becoming even harder to find and hire. According to Wanted Analytics, the top 3 most advertised positions in Mathematics and Science are: Operations Analyst, Supply Chain Analyst and Operation Research Analyst. Though it’s anyone’s guess what these job titles denote, the important thing to pay attention to is that demand for these jobs is at a 4 year high and grew 2% in the last 90 days. To find out the easiest city and the hardest city to find Mathematics and Scientific professionals, click the link below.

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