Bridging the Hiring Gap: What has Made It and How Do We Fix It?

As a soon-to-be college graduate, I encounter a broad and phenomenal anxiety in my peers whenever the conversations turns to what exactly is going to happen when we all eventually enter the real world. There is a sense of hopelessness among some, anger with others or a tired resignation that is both visible in demeanor and pronounced in speech. So what’s going on? What has young people crippled with this fear of failing to launch? Robert Goldfarb (author of today’s New York Times article) says that the pessimism is a result of a hiring gap that exists in the American job market. He interviewed both CEOs and students to ascertain what newly educated job seekers and captains of industry could agree on. Unfortunately not much as it turns out. Read on to see which skills the bosses are looking for in today’s economy and why a broad education is looked at differently now than 10 years ago.

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