Bridging the Talent Gap

In today’s job Market, there exists a growing discrepancy between the ideas that most employers have about what makes a “satisfactory candidate” and the actual people that are showing up to be interviewed. This has created a doldrum of sorts, with employers holding out for unrealistically qualified candidates. To make matters somewhat stickier, the demand for engineering and technology positions, some of the most notoriously tough jobs to fill, is growing at a rate higher than students graduating from college with degrees in these areas. According to, by 2020 there will be over a million more jobs available for professionals in science, math and engineering than there will be qualified people to fill them. While all of that might sound a little daunting, a lot of the disconnect between candidates and companies is actually caused by easily correctable issues. In an article from, it’s suggested that the hiring gap is actually made up of a perfect storm of outdated qualification requirements and unfortunate demographic circumstances. To read about the small gaps that add up the overall “talent shortage” and the 6 ways to close these gaps, click the link below.

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