Brownie in Motion

Welcome to the new face of Accolo.

Accolo’s previous website was designed on a shoestring budget in 2003. We had 1 employee, our founder and CEO John Younger. I was consulting the company at the time basically for free and had absolutely no idea how to design a website (you get what you pay for). The design was a combination of our cut-rate web designer’s outlines and John’s creative whims, and the copy was whatever I banged out at 2 am after a few glasses of wine. Over the period from 2003 to today, we’ve grown from 1 employee and $5K a month in revenue to 55 employees and #42 on the Inc 500 list, despite our web site. We’ve been groaning about it for oh, 2 years now, and finally got our act together and are putting a new face on Accolo.

As we talked about what we wanted this site to do, a comment made by one of our Board members came to mind. We were discussing marketing strategies in a new geographic market, and she threw out the idea of Brownian motion. The short definition is “the random movement of particles in a colloid”, which is one of the 3 things I remember from 9th grade chemistry (the others being don’t touch the bunsen burner with your bare hand, and wafting is a lot smarter than sticking your nose in a test tube and inhaling). Brownian motion is not to be confused with Brownie In Motion, defined as “the random movement of pre-adolescent girls hopped up on cookies and caffeine.” The concept, when applied to marketing, is to get your product or service in the middle of your potential customer base, let things bounce around and (to quote our board member) “see if shit happens.”

Given the time and money invested in a new website, it is easy for me (as the finance guy) to get sucked into wanting big flashing signs that say “BUY NOW”. While pretty much everything we do is around generating revenue or operational efficiency, we want this website to take a less direct route. Our goal is for it to become a place of value to the people we serve—the hiring managers, HR professionals and executive teams that are trying to build their businesses with great people, and the great people that are trying to manage their career and help companies build their businesses. Accolo has a tremendous amount of intellectual capital locked up in the big brains of our employees. I believe that if we can turn that capital loose and add value to your business or career development—independent of a business relationship with Accolo—that random movement of intellectual particles will come back around to us in the end. You may never use Accolo to support your internal recruiting or apply for a job that we support, but I want you to at least leave this site with a sense of who we are and the feeling that we know what we’re talking about.

As you spend time on the site, your thoughts and ideas are welcomed with enthusiasm. We hope you enjoy your stay at