Career Killers

The working landscape is changing rapidly, and Career Killers today may not be Career Killers tomorrow. For example, many people in their early twenties are posting things online about beer bashes, dates gone wrong, and a variety of extremely personal information . . . with pictures! What many people don’t realize is that much of this will be accessible online until the sun goes nova.

While certain things may be shrugged off as youthful indiscretions, future employers may make hiring decisions based on what they see, and the person applying for the job would never know the difference. In other words, there would be no way to prove whether the no-hire decision was based on pictures of that candidate running around scantily clad at Burning Man. We actually had this happen with a candidate who was about ready to receive an offer of employment. Someone on the interview team discovered that she was into naked yoga. Because of this, the offer was never extended. Maybe in the future this sort of thing won’t be a Career Killer—but I wouldn’t bet on it.