Determining and Advertising Your Company's Culture

Finding a cultural fit in a company is becoming one of the main factors in how candidates decide which job offer they accept. For this reason, it is more important than ever to both promote a positive/productive work culture and at the same time be aware of how this culture will appear to newcomers. In order for you to advertise your company’s culture as a positive asset to a potential employee, you must first be sure that you know what you’re talking about. According to Randall Birkwood, the best way to find out what your company’s culture is really like is through a systematic surveyal of what your company’s top performers think that the culture is. The logic behind surveying your top employees is that they are the type of people that you are trying to attract. Thus, by finding out what keeps these employees engaged and cooperating, you’ll be able to advertise these cultural characteristics to interested parties. From here, the next step is to research the conceptions that candidates will have of your culture by reviewing the information that job seekers will be seeing. To read a step-by-step guide to a solidified employment brand, click the link below.

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