Government Jobs in Trouble as Massive Cuts Loom Closer

For those who follow the continuous inter-party squabbling that we somehow still call political discourse, the Fiscal Cliff is a term that you’ve heard a lot about. This was a sort of fail-safe for agreement in the Senate, an economic pitfall that would force the bipartisan politics of the past to float away like cherry blossoms and we’d all get along happily ever after. While potential calamity can definitely bring out good qualities in people, it has not spurred our representatives on to any great acts of compromise. In fact, the way in which we avoided the fiscal cliff may have an unintended effect on up to a million government employees. This new threat to government job security is called the “sequester” and it entails a $55 billion reduction to defense spending and $27 billion reduction in non-defense governmental spending. What ever your politics, jumping a few points in unemployment after the sluggish recovery of the last few years seems a whole lot like two steps forward, one step back. Yes, it’s true there is no magic solution to the deficit, but this massive cut in spending may end up causing more harm than good. Today’s source article is from the New York Times outlines the situation and offers some useful figures:

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