Green Hiring and Incentivizing Companies to Go Green

The term Green Hiring can take a lot of directions, at Accolo we like to think that our current and prospective employees like working for a company that values the environment and tries to make a better workplace for them.

But there will be more to come on this topic in a new Bright Paper later this month…for now I want to focus on the second topic.

As most of us have heard there is a common opinion that it is hard to make your company green. But some of us would challenge this, and rightly so, since there are so many things a company can do, and, in most cases, not do to become more environmentally friendly. But in some cases this can be true as it relates to larger scale initiatives like adding solar panels to your building. To help lessen this burden we developed a program called EcoPartnership. Essentially we will provide a discount on our services to our clients equal to their investments in greening their company. However, we aren’t a non-profit, so we cap the discount to 10% of what a company spends with us so that we can stay in business.

We are also setting up a list of EcoPartners that our clients can use to spend this discount to make it that much easier for them. We also reserve the right to reject applications from Offset companies that are part of huge oil companies or the application of any other organization that is not really focused on helping the environment.

As part of our beta launch we are reaching out to potential partners so that we can have a strong list of partners for our launch next month. We’ve already taken great strides to become a more environmentally friendly company and you can use the list of things we’ve done as an aid for others, click here to see what we’ve done to be easier on the earth. I look at this as a win-win-win-win situation for the environment, our clients, our EcoPartners, and our company.

Please visit the site and share it with any companies that may be interested in partnering with us!