Hiring and Productivity up, Unemployment Claims Down

Well Happy Not-Halloween Everyone! After all the ghoulish excitement last night you probably don’t even want to get an employment/economic recovery summary for October. What’s that? Oh you do! I knew you’d want to know! So anyways, things are looking up. The private sector added 144,000 jobs, the manufacturing sector added 14,000 and there has been 9000 less first time unemployment claims made this month. This could change however due to the destructive nature of Hurricane Sandy. Productivity on a worker per-worker basis also rose 1.9 percent in October. According to analysts at NBC news, this means that some industries may not hire as heavily, as they will want to maximize the productive capacity of their current employees before scaling up their staffs. Over all, it’s all good and one can only hope that next month’s figures reflect progress as well. To read the full CNBC article, click the link below

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