How "OK" Performers Can Kill Your Start Up

When fighting to get your start up off the ground, you need a team that is just as driven in the pursuit of the venture’s success as the original entrepreneur is. You need a squad of heavy hitters who can consistently put out good work under make-or-break conditions. As much as it might ruffle your old roommate’s feathers, not replacing him with a better performer can really shoot you in the foot. In today’s source article, Jon Soberg explains why jettisoning both the dead weight and the so-so employees at a start up is critical to making it in the long term. He calls these “so-so” performers “B Players”  meaning that they do their job satisfactorily, but are lacking in initiative or the ability to make independent decisions that help the company. In a start up, you want to minimize the time it takes to manage people and maximize the time that workers do their job. If there are B Players at the head of any aspect of your emerging company, seriously consider the potential for lost opportunities that they may have on your business. To read the full article, click the link below.

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