How to Avoid the Crush of Applicant Overload

Some problems really don’t sound that bad, not until you’ve given them some thought at least. “I have too many kittens in my house”, for instance, brings to mind literal piles of the fuzzy little babes. Besides pushing the limits your ability to appreciate cuteness, the kitty carpet would still be a totally viable place to curl up for a nap. (Stay with me here!) But when the honeymoon afternoon is over and the patch of sunlight has moved on from the place where you where fitfully sleeping, reality crashes down. There are a lot of logistics to deal with when it comes to a lot of kitties, just like when you’re dealing with a lot of anything.

When you have “too many applicants interested in my company”, it probably doesn’t conjure any images for you besides a massive pile of resumes. If the constant influx of resumes leaves you feeling like someone buried to the neck at high tide, there are a few things that you can do to keep you above water. The first thing you should do is go back and examine your job listing. It’s possible that you’ve made the position sound too good to applicants (another problem that some might confuse with fortune). If your posting has too much abstract, attractive fluff, replace that garbage with some concrete, day-to-day expectations associated with the position.

Another thing that you could do is advertise your job listing through HireMojo’s online recruitment software. Our online applicant screening process takes the problem of “too many applicants” and transforms it into a statistically better chance of hiring the best person possible for the job. Instead of having a hiring headache for a team of HR folks, create an online test for necessary qualifications for the position and watch the flood turn into a trickle before your eyes. What you’ll be left with is a handful of the highest quality candidates to choose from at the end, who you can interview for the important things like how they’ll actually fit in at the office. If too many applicants are wasting too much of your time, look into HireMojo today!