National Employment Stats for October

With the spookiest month of the year behind us and the election just around the corner, it seems high time for some of the most anticipated statistics of all time. The national unemployment rate…..(drum roll please)…….. increased by one tenth of one percent to 7.9% and 171,000 jobs were added. This statistic will no doubt be pushed and pummeled by every pundit under the sun to appear an advantage to both sides in the upcoming election. While it’s true that hundreds of thousands of newly unemployed Americans is undoubtedly a bad thing, it’s important to look at the situation objectively. Yes the role of president means that you’re the biggest cheese and that you have a responsibility to do your best for your country, but this doesn’t mean that any person who takes the office will be able to magically solve our economic problems. Economic policy and the market in general is complicated but translates to very blunt, tangible realities in millions of American families. Realities such as year long stretches of unemployment, putting your education on hold or even deciding not to open up a food truck with some of your friends. It’s important to remember that no politician will ever have more of an effect on the economy than the hard work and innovation of the American worker. At Accolo, we believe that one of the best ways to get this country on track is to utilize one of the largest potential employee pools in recent history and get this country working again.

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