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How do You Tell if Recent Grads Will Stick Around?

Hiring recent college graduates is tricky. If you’ll think back to whenever it was that you were first on your own in the “real world”, you might remember the disorientation and the added stress of all the little responsibilities Mom

Managing Employee Turnover

Employee turnover is unavoidable. In some industries such as retail and food service, high turnover rates (80-100%) are accepted as the proverbial “rules of the road”, immutable conditions of the business landscape. In other industries, turnover is much more costly

How do You Choose Between 2 Great Job Offers?

Having a lot of options is a good thing, right? Well, the short answer is yes and the long answer is something more like yes with a big “but…”  Yes, having a lot of options (especially professional options) is a

Why the Government Shut Down is the Years Biggest Recruitment Opportunity

As the government shut down the middle of its second week, one can’t help but sympathize with all of the government workers that have been furloughed, fired or are waiting on paychecks. No mater what your political views may be,

Staff Amputations in the Health Care Industry

The health care industry, which has been a stable job creator both in the recessionand during the recovery, is showing signs of slowing or even grinding to ahalt. According to USA Today, the healthcare industry announced 8,128 layoffs last month,

Interview To Dos and To Don'ts

We have all been nervous at an interview, and wondering if we are doing the right things to get the job. At Accolo, we understand that just getting to the interview process is a trek, so here are some tips

How To Keep Your Cool With Charismatic Candidates

Appearances can be deceiving. One of the most common situations in which this phrase carries weight is on interview day. We’ve all been there: short staffed, vulnerable, looking for that certain someone who just “gets” what the position is all

Social Media: Your Best Friend or Your Worst Enemy

Social media is a powerful marketing tool. No other marketing platform has the capability to market directly to customers in the way that you can with social and no other platform has the same potential for a campaign going viral.

New Essential Steps for College Recruiting

Recruiting straight out of college may no longer be a viable option. Companies like Google have started reaching out to potential talent as early as their freshman year. The college recruiting game is changing and if your strategy doesn’t adapt

How to Screen for Toxic Personalities

People are always on their best behavior on interview day. While this shows you who’s best behavior is expletives and mustard on the tie, the more insidious personality defects in a new hire can lay dormant for months or even

Why Multitasking Makes You Less Efficient

Though people do have 2 eyes and 2 hands, many find it hard to focus on more than one thing at once. In theory, multitasking means that you are able to divide your attentions between multiple tasks. If this were

New Technology Can Tell If You're Actually Watching Training Videos

One of the greatest characteristics that humans possess is their ability to appear to be listening raptly while, in fact, mentally rearranging their fantasy football lineup or sneaking in micro breaks on social networks. No matter how boring the presentation,

The HR/Provider Perception Gap in Healthcare

If you’ve been in a hospital recently (hopefully as a visitor), you might have noticed that there exists a rather large range of temperaments in the doctors and nurses. There are the pleasant ones, who project warmth and try to

Job Boards in Need of a Makeover

Though job boards are not as “dead” as many have been claiming, their state of affairs is a far cry from the heyday of the early 2000’s. Social Media is seen as the next step in recruiting and hiring in

The Effects of Power on the Human Mind

They say that absolute power corrupts absolutely, but does a little bit of power corrupt just a little bit? Well, if we broaden our definition of corruption to include a souring of one’s formerly glowing personality, then yes. A new

Growing Enmity for Generation Y's Expectations of the Workplace

The most recent crop of college graduates has been called many things: narcissistic, lazy, impatient, unrealistic and (most commonly) entitled. But guess what? The Millennials, Generation Y, Generation U, or whatever you want to call them, are rapidly becoming the

Onboarding Uncertain Candidates

Just because you’ve found a fantastic candidate that seems genuinely interested and excited in the position you’re offering doesn’t mean that it’s time to put the whole hiring thing in your rear-view mirror. The period between the candidate’s acceptance of

Can Over-Hiring Help in the Long Run?

In today’s economy, businesses are sitting tight when it comes to hiring. Though the unemployment rate has been falling steadily, reaching as low as 3.1% in North Dakota, most businesses are still hesitant to increase the size of their staff.

Guest Worker Legislation Would Turn IT Surplus from Large to Preposterous

For the IT industry, guest workers on H-1B class visas have represented the highest percentage of hires made in the years since the recession. For those of you unfamiliar with this trend, you may be surprised to find that the

How to Evaluate Big Talkers in the Workplace

Most people are drawn to glamorous, promising prospective candidates before those that are understated or even hidden. This is because, of course, confidence inspires confidence. If an employee is articulate and animated in their presentation or in a team meeting,

Winning Back Your Employees is as Easy as Talking and Listening

Employee retention is at an all time low. The reason for this phenomenon has a lot to do with both the volatility of the job market and the general deterioration of the employee-employer relationship. Okay, so that’s kind of a

Excessive Interviews Kill Candidate Spirit

Whoever said you can’t have too much of a good thing never had to go to 17 interviews for a single position. That may sound excessive (and you’d be right to think so,) but it is common practice in certain

The Case For the Middle-Aged Unemployed

If age comes with wisdom, then why is it still so hard for middle aged people to bounce back from unemployment? A large chunk of the long-term unemployed in America (jobless in excess of 27 weeks) are those 55 and

Evaluating Hiring Managers

Evaluating a hiring manager must be based on more than just their claims of getting a “special feeling” from promising candidates. Sure, they can be personable, professional and even savvy enough to bring some nice talent to the table; but