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Winning Back Your Employees is as Easy as Talking and Listening

Employee retention is at an all time low. The reason for this phenomenon has a lot to do with both the volatility of the job market and the general deterioration of the employee-employer relationship. Okay, so that’s kind of a

Excessive Interviews Kill Candidate Spirit

Whoever said you can’t have too much of a good thing never had to go to 17 interviews for a single position. That may sound excessive (and you’d be right to think so,) but it is common practice in certain

The Case For the Middle-Aged Unemployed

If age comes with wisdom, then why is it still so hard for middle aged people to bounce back from unemployment? A large chunk of the long-term unemployed in America (jobless in excess of 27 weeks) are those 55 and

Evaluating Hiring Managers

Evaluating a hiring manager must be based on more than just their claims of getting a “special feeling” from promising candidates. Sure, they can be personable, professional and even savvy enough to bring some nice talent to the table; but

Social Networks as Second Highest Talent Source

One of the most important sources for talent in 2013 is social networks. Not only do professional networks such as LinkedIn provide a simple and mostly visual interface for people searching through high volumes of potential hires, but they also

How to Keep Your Top Employees

Today’s job market is in a constant flux. This can make retaining top talent a challenge for some companies. Factors such as an employee’s estrangement from the company culture, or working under a manager that they don’t get along with/don’t

Perks Make the World Go 'Round

Surely, by now, most people in the business world are aware of offices that boast rock climbing gyms, catered lunches, bean bag chairs and supposedly unlimited vacation days. These places may seem more appealing to work at (which is the

Investing in Strong Fits With Your Company Culture

Remember being a young guy or gal on the playground and getting your introduction to in-groups and out-groups? Whether you were one of kids that wanted to play sports or one of the kids who wanted to pretend they were

Words of Wisdom from Google Guru

For a company that deals as heavily in data as Google, it makes sense that their hiring function should be similarly numbers-driven. Everything is recorded and analyzed, their internal processes adjusting to the very metrics generated by the adjustments of

Hiring For Skill, Not Appearance

There are a lot of things you can do to improve your chances in an interview. You can pick out your best outfit, prepare all your materials and even practice questions in the mirror if you’re that kind of person.

Value of Critical Thinking Skills on the Rise

Employers aren’t happy. Across the board, those in charge of hiring at US companies are dissatisfied with the quality of the applicants that are turning up on their doorstep. If it’s not their lack of education, it’s their lack of

How to Recruit Gen Y College Grads

Now that graduation season is coming to a close, it’s important to consider this new cohort of fresh, educated talent that has just emerged into the working world. While many recent grads are probably still fighting their first hang over

Recent Lawsuit Casts Doubt on Unpaid Internships

On Tuesday, Manhattan’s Federal District Court ruled against Fox Searchlight Pictures in favor of two interns employed during the filming of “Black Swan”. These interns had a pretty standard experience: they got coffee, they answered phones, they did heavy lifting

May's Sleepy Employment Numbers

If April showers bring May Flowers, and Mayflowers bring pilgrims, then the logical next step is May’s national employment statistics from the BLS, obviously. May’s numbers were virtually the same as April’s, that is to say, virtually the same as

Email Headaches and Micro-Management

Managers have a lot more of an effect on the productivity of their employees than they sometimes realize. A manager’s policies on methods of communication—specifically email and instant messaging—can sometimes hinder the productivity of their employees. For instance, if a

Qualities for Employees in the Matrix

The influence of globalization on business has subverted the classic ladder-style hierarchy that once reigned as the organizational standard. Employees may report to people on a daily basis who they will never meet in person or be switched constantly from

Walmart's Employer Brand Nightmare

Over the past year there has been a lot of focus on employer branding, both in recruiting and more broadly in the business world. You can scrutinize your methods for searching, hiring and onboarding, and still come up puzzled as

Cutting Corners Isn't Worth the Time You Save in Recruiting

When things get hectic at work, the first tasks to be overlooked are usually what you’d consider minor. Waiting until tomorrow to do the dishes, ignoring spam, putting off a few cold calls. No big deal, right? Well, classifying neglected

Seeing the Errors in Your Job Postings

When writing job postings, there is a lot of pressure to describe the job in a way that “sells” candidates on the position. Unfortunately, this usually entails a lot of general, wishy-washy nonsense about the fun aspects of the company

Facebook Faces User-Generated PR Nightmare

Monitoring your social media image is important. Little things, such as “liking” strange organizations or funny, distasteful pictures that your friend posted, create a link between you and the offending material. Indeed, it is the very nature of social media

Easy Steps to Candidate Retention

When you’ve zeroed in on a candidate, it can be easy to let your guard down. The person can be professional, engaged and seem hungry for the position, only to back out at the last minute. This isn’t because you’re

Cooking Up Positive Employment Branding

For those of you who who don’t watch “Kitchen Nightmares” with Gordon Ramsay, (the hot blooded Brit who doesn’t take any ______,) it’s a reality show in which Chef Ramsey visits the most disastrous and decrepit restaurants in America and

Why Cubicles Aren't so Bad After All

For those of you who work in an open-plan office, you know that the layout, unfettered by chest-high walls, is often given to its own set of problems. In theory, the open plan exists to facilitate the free flow of

Recruiters Spend 6 Seconds on Each Resume

We all know that getting a job is tough, but simply knowing that the process will be “tough” does not quite prepare job seekers for the hurdles of the modern job hunt. First of all, there is the sheer volume