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Big Data = Big Demand For Data Analysts

If I told you to name some careers in Science and Mathematics, what would pop into your head first? Chemist? Astronomer? Math Teacher? How about Analysts? Yes, it’s analysts of all kinds that comprise the majority of the most sought-after

References: Your Bread and Butter in Recruiting

References are one of the most useful tools at the disposal of recruiters today. Unlike comparatively flat descriptions of a candidate’s prowess from a job board, referrals typically give you a better picture of the candidate and statistically lead to

A Bad First Day Can Leave New Employees Guarded

Having hardworking and loyal employees has just as much to do with the environment that you provide for them to work in as it does with the people themselves. If your employees feel welcomed and included in the company culture,

Hiring Figures for March from ADP

According to ADP, one of the largest payroll processing companies in the country, 158,000 private sector jobs were added in the month of March. This is roughly the same slow but steady growth that we’ve seen this year and in

Some Words of Wisdom from the CEO of LinkedIn

We all know that it’s important to stop and smell the roses, but when’s the last time  that you actually took some time to appreciate the things and people that you see  every day? Taking this time for reflection and

Spotlight on First Time Unemployment Benefits

While the speed of the economic recovery in the US has been frustrating in its sometimes slow, sometimes inert pattern of improvement, the overall trend of progress signals that the economy and the job market are growing and, more importantly,

Determining and Advertising Your Company's Culture

Finding a cultural fit in a company is becoming one of the main factors in how candidates decide which job offer they accept. For this reason, it is more important than ever to both promote a positive/productive work culture and

Flood of Temporary Jobs Waterlogging Recovery

One of the main effects of the recession on the job market was the elimination of a large number of moderate wage jobs such as office workers and manufacturers. This large reduction in decently paying jobs has been coupled with

The Power of Public Criticism

When there is a problem within a team, it is up to the team leader to facilitate the correction of this problem. If the problem is with the performance of a team member, it is up to the team leader

Small Businesses Targeted For Cyber Theft

With the ever-increasing frequency and severity of cyber attacks in the US, government officials have warned all small and medium sized businesses to be wary of these virtual onslaughts. Recently there have been several high profile cyber intrusions into the

Bridging the Talent Gap

In today’s job Market, there exists a growing discrepancy between the ideas that most employers have about what makes a “satisfactory candidate” and the actual people that are showing up to be interviewed. This has created a doldrum of sorts,

How Bias Can Impair Hiring Decisions

We all have favorites. Whether it’s a flavor of ice cream or the cut of a T-shirt, we all have that instant, visceral reaction when we find something or someone that suits us: the answer. While knowing what works for

Positivity Tips the Scales in Team Performance

When you’re trying to get someone to do something, it’s important to know the best way to go about telling this person how to do it. People aren’t machines, yet are somewhat similar in the way they have definite limits,

Administrative and Support Jobs Going Strong

One of the healthiest sectors of the economy in this recovery has been the professional and business services industry. Last month, there were 73,000 jobs added under this umbrella, especially jobs that classified as administrative or support positions. The rate

Unconditional Sick Leave for Workers in Portland

The sick day has traditionally been somewhat of a gray area. In some lines of work, sick days can be traded for time off as readily as vacation days with no questions asked. In others, the request for a sick

Visual Media Boosts Job Description Engagement

The job description has been a mainstay for finding employees since the first classified ads appeared in newspapers. Back then, these words behind the sports page were gobbled up by job seekers hungry for a chance to get into the

Get Lucky with Accolo

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How Online Reviews Can Make or Break Businesses

The reputations of businesses, online and otherwise, are becoming increasingly important in determining which companies blow up and which are left in the dust. Reputation can determine who will (or won’t) apply to work at your business. The rate at

Telecommuting: Here to Stay or Out the Door?

In the recent telecommuting debate that has taken over the internet in almost every business magazine or publication, the consensus seems to show a backlash against slipping standards of innovation. Many of the companies that have reversed their work-from-home policies

A Hopeful Workplace is a Productive Workplace

When you’ve worked with chronic negative types — the ones who open the flood gates on you about their problems or have the temperament of Medusa before their third cup of coffee — then you know how nice it is to work

Stalling Employers Cause Cycle of Sluggishness

More is lost through indecision than error. Employers around the country are wasting both their time and the time of the applicants that approach them with extensive rounds of interviews, psychological evaluations and other such excessive testing measures. In The

ADP Job Report for February

A full 2 days before the Bureau of Labor Statistics is set to release data for the month of February, ADP has released their own report on jobs exclusively in the private sector. While some criticize the company’s findings, they

Banish Evaluating Candidates Based on their Resume

Evaluating candidate quality based on a resume alone can eliminate a large percentage of professionals with extremely relevant experience. When evaluating candidates it’s important to look at their “five S’s, standing for Scope, Scale, Sophistication, Systems, and Staff,” according to

Corporate Profits out of Employee's Pockets

With the economic recovery creeping along at below a full percentage point for the year of 2012, corporations, especially large multinationals, are enjoying some of the largest profit margins seen in over 50 years. A large part of this capital