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Government Jobs in Trouble as Massive Cuts Loom Closer

For those who follow the continuous inter-party squabbling that we somehow still call political discourse, the Fiscal Cliff is a term that you’ve heard a lot about. This was a sort of fail-safe for agreement in the Senate, an economic

Employment Report For January: More of the Same

January’s jobless report comes to us today via the New York Times. Alright, drum roll please…and I’m being handed the envelope now…here it is! In the United States, employers added 157,000 jobs and the unemployment rate remained constant at 7.9

Tech Professional Shortage in Chicago

IT and other tech professionals have some of the most valuable and sought-after skills for employers in the US. This demand follows a general trend of applicable skills or specialized trades gaining value to employers as well as, according to

The Expansion of Global Leadership

As markets across the developing world start to grow stronger, ever more companies are seeking to expand in these emerging hot spots for global business. The boards of many Multinational Corporations (like Nestle) are now starting to look a lot

Interview Questions for Marketing Positions

When interviewing a candidate for part of your marketing team, it can be very beneficial to evaluate this person on more than just their employment history. You want to get a feel for them, what their practical, on-the-job presence will

Creative Resume: Amazon Product Page

Getting noticed can be hard for job seekers, especially when it comes to differentiating yourself from the competition when you’re all competing with the same tools. A candidate with the right references, resume, or even a lucky tie can potentially

Robotics Industry as a Future Job Creator

For this week’s Fun Friday featured article on the Accolo blog, we have some New York Times coverage on a widely discussed topic in the employment world: automation. A typical argument against the expansion of robotics in the United States

Accolo is Counterpoint to Bloomberg’s Criticism of Recruiters

There has been a lot of discussion recently in the HR and Recruiting industries concerning a lack of qualified candidates on the job market. Recruiting and hiring in general needs to be as adaptive and as today’s economy is volatile.

New Tax Code Weighing Heavily on Silicon Valley

Startups in Silicon Valley have enjoyed the potential for wild success since the time when computers were still only displaying green text, and even before the advent of pre-ripped jeans. You and your friends could take your idea and run

Improving Office Morale and Other Cultural Standards

Atmosphere, ambiance, culture, vibes: there are many words for the overall feel of a place. There’s nothing more disconcerting than to discover that someone that you work with dreads coming in each morning and doing their job. As an employer,

Wal-Mart Intends to Hire 100,000 Veterans

Wal-Mart announced their plan to help strengthen the U.S. economy by hiring 100,000 veterans as well as stocking its shelves with a higher percentage of goods manufactured in the United States. This act of good faith comes a few months

Software Developer Outsources all of His Work to Chinese Consultant

Telecommuting into work might sound like a dream to you. No rush to get out the door before the sun comes up, no early morning traffic and most importantly: no pants required. The only down side is the potential for

How to Spot Bad Habits in Employees Early

Do you believe in love at first sight? How about first impressions? As a manager, do you think that you can tell who is going to work out in your office and who won’t within a few minutes of meeting

The Pitfalls of too Much Social Networking

Utilizing social networks to increase the speed of collaboration between internal employees and external consultants or experts is rapidly becoming the norm for offices everywhere. Email and instant messaging are key, especially if one of your key collaborators has never

Facebook can be a Hiring Manager's Gold Mine

Facebook and other social media have become an integral part of most people’s personal lives and professional toolboxes. Facebook offers companies a platform for direct marketing and recruiting. Basically, if your business isn’t represented in the social media sphere then

AIG May Seek to Sue the Fed for "Unfair" Interest Rates

The former Chief executive of AIG (Maurice “Hank” Greenberg) is seeking to sue the Federal Government for the apparently criminal interest rates placed upon the 2008 bailout loan. Displaying either short term memory loss or a spectacular lack of decorum,

Engineering Woes: The Supposedly Market-Proof Profession Facing Uncertainty

We’ve all heard of “safe jobs”. Most of them tend to be advanced-level craft or skill professions such as doctors, lawyers or engineers. The reason that these jobs are supposedly safe is that there is a clear set of requirements

Verbal Oversight: Things Bosses Shouldn't let Slip

One of the most important qualities that someone who’s in charge of other people should possess is the ability to hear themselves talk. Strength as a leader doesn’t lie in preoccupation with the things that you say, but in the

It's All Over: Apocalyptic Pudding Commercial Analysis

For a nice, light, end-of-the-world edition of Accolo’s blog, we have an article on brand topicality, specifically the increase of apocalypse-related advertising and branding that has emerged in the shadow of the supposedly catastrophic date: December 21, 2012. An article

Attaboy Attagirl: The Do's and Don'ts of Praising Employees

Undoubtedly, most of the people reading this in some sort of managerial position (be it sitting or standing) have had a boss that didn’t do the bossiest job. They may not have been a Bill Lumberg or Ebeneezer Scrooge, but

2013 Workforce and Salary Trends

2012 saw more than a few politicians talking about their grand plans to fix the job market. For the 7.7% of the country that is unemployed, this sounded great. People in power were taking an interest in their plight, and

Top Regrets in Business

As the cold clutch of winter flows in over our brittle little bones this December, it is important to reflect on the past in order to plan ahead out into the chilly months before us. Regret is a waste of

What Not To Say: Staying Out of Tricky Situations in Management

Direct verbal management is a lot more than telling the right person to do the right thing at the right time, it’s also about what you shouldn’t say or even suggest to your employees. The more glaring don’ts in these

A Few Pointers On LinkedIn Endorsements

Earlier this year the endorsement feature was added to LinkedIn which allows you to “endorse” a particular skill set of any of your friends on the social network. According to a LinkedIn spokeswoman, the endorsement was meant to encourage encouragement