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Where are the Hidden Costs in a New Hire?

When making a new hire, it’s always important to examine not only the benefits that an extra mind and pair of hands will bring, but also the costs: the bottom line. Many assume that this bottom line will merely consist

Spotting Problem Employees Before Problems Emerge

When making a hire, the interview is one of the most useful tools at your disposal for determining which candidates will be a good addition to your team. What complicates things is the nature of interviews being somewhat like a

Small Businesses Speak Out On Minimum Wage Increase

The debate over an increase in the minimum wage has seen a wealth of support from several prominent small business groups. While it may seem counter intuitive, most companies that qualify as a “small business” already pay above the federal

Fistful of Hackers: Demand for IT Security Grows Throughout the Nation

It’s starting to look like the Wild West in cyberspace. A nearly boundless frontier fraught with with data rustlers, confidence programs, and more recently, an ever growing number of outlaw hackers. Naturally, an increase of cyber attacks in the public

Out of Work Professionals Utilize Mass Community Networking

What if I told you that qualified, experienced candidates from around the country were forming intricate professional networks for the explicit purpose of getting noticed and tracking down job leads? That’s right, one of the largest demographics of long-term-unemployed workers

The Critical Importance of Talent Branding

Brand perception in regards to recruiting is quickly becoming one of the largest factors in the success of talent acquisition companies. Now, and into the future, the type of talent that companies are able to get a hold of has

Enriching Your Career As Enriching Your Life

People want it all. The house with a spiral staircase, the blacker-than-black flat screen on the mantle, biannual trips to the Costa Rican Sea Turtle Preserve and (of course) a job that both pays handsomely and gives you plenty of

Employment Trends and Statistics for January

With it being Valentines Day and all, I thought that today’s post could be on the sumptuous subject of January’s employment statistics. If employment stats are the fastest way to a woman’s heart, January’s job statistics would be like taking

The Next Step in Precision Recruitment Marketing

Marketing and recruiting are about as inseparable as wheels and a car, both functions working together to propel the vehicle forward to its destination. If we’re to keep with the car metaphor, the destination in question is a hire —

Increasing Numbers of Employees Who Search for "Better" Positions While Employed

Job security is something that comes more and more rarely in today’s economy. Workers fear being laid off or else come to look at every position as strictly temporary. Perhaps in response to this volatility, along with salary complaints and

How "OK" Performers Can Kill Your Start Up

When fighting to get your start up off the ground, you need a team that is just as driven in the pursuit of the venture’s success as the original entrepreneur is. You need a squad of heavy hitters who can

Is There a Talent Shortage or a Hiring Deficit?

One of the many peculiar paradoxes involved in the way that humans function is that, generally, a person presented with fewer options is more able to choose one and be satisfied than a person with a whole range of possibilities

Job Seeking in 2013: Survival of the Quickest

For job seekers who have been on the hunt for some time, the start of a new year is a great time for a re-appraisal of your strategy for getting back into the working world and enjoying the security that

Government Jobs in Trouble as Massive Cuts Loom Closer

For those who follow the continuous inter-party squabbling that we somehow still call political discourse, the Fiscal Cliff is a term that you’ve heard a lot about. This was a sort of fail-safe for agreement in the Senate, an economic

Employment Report For January: More of the Same

January’s jobless report comes to us today via the New York Times. Alright, drum roll please…and I’m being handed the envelope now…here it is! In the United States, employers added 157,000 jobs and the unemployment rate remained constant at 7.9

Tech Professional Shortage in Chicago

IT and other tech professionals have some of the most valuable and sought-after skills for employers in the US. This demand follows a general trend of applicable skills or specialized trades gaining value to employers as well as, according to

The Expansion of Global Leadership

As markets across the developing world start to grow stronger, ever more companies are seeking to expand in these emerging hot spots for global business. The boards of many Multinational Corporations (like Nestle) are now starting to look a lot

Interview Questions for Marketing Positions

When interviewing a candidate for part of your marketing team, it can be very beneficial to evaluate this person on more than just their employment history. You want to get a feel for them, what their practical, on-the-job presence will

Creative Resume: Amazon Product Page

Getting noticed can be hard for job seekers, especially when it comes to differentiating yourself from the competition when you’re all competing with the same tools. A candidate with the right references, resume, or even a lucky tie can potentially

Robotics Industry as a Future Job Creator

For this week’s Fun Friday featured article on the Accolo blog, we have some New York Times coverage on a widely discussed topic in the employment world: automation. A typical argument against the expansion of robotics in the United States

Accolo is Counterpoint to Bloomberg’s Criticism of Recruiters

There has been a lot of discussion recently in the HR and Recruiting industries concerning a lack of qualified candidates on the job market. Recruiting and hiring in general needs to be as adaptive and as today’s economy is volatile.

New Tax Code Weighing Heavily on Silicon Valley

Startups in Silicon Valley have enjoyed the potential for wild success since the time when computers were still only displaying green text, and even before the advent of pre-ripped jeans. You and your friends could take your idea and run

Improving Office Morale and Other Cultural Standards

Atmosphere, ambiance, culture, vibes: there are many words for the overall feel of a place. There’s nothing more disconcerting than to discover that someone that you work with dreads coming in each morning and doing their job. As an employer,

Wal-Mart Intends to Hire 100,000 Veterans

Wal-Mart announced their plan to help strengthen the U.S. economy by hiring 100,000 veterans as well as stocking its shelves with a higher percentage of goods manufactured in the United States. This act of good faith comes a few months