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Hostess Executives Seeking Millions in Bonuses to Facilitate Liquidation

For some deliciously fluffy and cream filled Friday business happenings, today’s story is a sickly sweet update on the liquidation of the Hostess company. The manufacturer of such beloved and artery clogging confections as Snowballs, Ho Ho’s and (of course)

Forming Connections That Matter on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most important social networking tools to emerge for businesses in the past few years. I’m sure that all of you (our readers) are familiar with the platform, especially because of the ways in which Accolo

Big Money in Miami: Housing Boom From Russian Billionaires

I bet a lot of you out there have had a Scarface type fantasy at least once in your life. The money, the power, the mansions, the tiger: everything you could want. Yep, besides the whole dying thing and the

Joking: I'm Not Joking, the Key to a Higher Salary

Many advise applicants to steer clear of the “salary discussion” until their prospective employer has brought it up first. “Keep that stuff at an arm’s length or maybe several arms” they say, but they are woefully wrong. While the timid

A Call to Action for American Employers

Wednesday: hump day. For today’s half way there addition of the Accolo blog, we have a lovely op ed from CNN Money from one Nina Easton. It addresses the employment gap that exists today in the US labor market. Right

Bridging the Hiring Gap: What has Made It and How Do We Fix It?

As a soon-to-be college graduate, I encounter a broad and phenomenal anxiety in my peers whenever the conversations turns to what exactly is going to happen when we all eventually enter the real world. There is a sense of hopelessness

Us Trade Deficit Drops to Lowest Point in 2 Years

Good news everyone! The United States trade deficit, our nation’s ever lingering bad dinner guest, has slimmed dramatically more than expected to a mere 41.5 Billion dollars. While it is unfortunate that this is the trade deficit and not the

China Shows Signs of Slowing in Mad Rush to Development & Infrastructure

China has been the global manufacturing powerhouse of the last decade. While historically the country has been primarily focused on exports, the 2000’s ushered in a new age of domestic investment and infrastructural development. From dams that offset the rotation

National Employment Stats for October

With the spookiest month of the year behind us and the election just around the corner, it seems high time for some of the most anticipated statistics of all time. The national unemployment rate…..(drum roll please)…….. increased by one tenth

Hiring and Productivity up, Unemployment Claims Down

Well Happy Not-Halloween Everyone! After all the ghoulish excitement last night you probably don’t even want to get an employment/economic recovery summary for October. What’s that? Oh you do! I knew you’d want to know! So anyways, things are looking

Beerware, AB Inbev Continues to Gobble Beloved Beverages

Those of you that drink Budweiser probably know that the company was absorbed by AB Inbev in a 52 Billion buyout. Many consumers like Brian Rinfret, the avid Becks drinker interviewed in the Bloomberg Businessweek article, say they taste a

Bangalore to Atlanta: Outsourcing to the United States

With the world market in flux as it is, many companies are finally starting to see the United States for the talent pool that it is. This article from Bloomberg follows the story of a Company based in Bangalore, India

The Concrete Difference in Superior Management

The word “good” seems like a simple enough modifier. If I say that “I have a good sandwich for sale”, you probably won’t be tempted by a competitor with an adequate, satisfactory or pretentious sandwich. But what then makes my

Swing State Jobless Rates Could Decide Presidential Race

I for one cannot wait until election day. No more endless and useless focus on campaigning, posturing and promise making that always serves to muddy up the crisp October air. Come November, we can all get back to arguing over

8 Ways for Managers to Enhance Their Team’s Work Experience

As those of you in management already know, wage incentives aren’t necessarily the final word in increasing worker productivity and performance. People just aren’t that simple. As today’s article from says, today’s raise become’s tomorrow’s norm. This effectively means

Adaptation Over Innovation

So you’ve got an idea for a revolutionary product that’ll make consumers forget they ever had a monthly budget and you just expect to sail on that to retirement? Maybe in the days when microwave popcorn was still hot, but

Jump in Retail Points to Accelerated Economic Growth

Retail sales jumped up several percentage points in September, a figure that (initially at least) points to increased economic growth. This combined with the falling unemployment rate, 7.8 percent in September, suggests a potential increase in the rate at which

Author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad" Files for Bankruptcy

As it’s Friday afternoon and all, I thought that some nice topical irony would be just the thing for today’s post. You all remember “Rich Dad Poor Dad” right? For those of you who haven’t heard, it’s author Robert Kiyosaki

Spread Too Thin

One of the best things about social media is that it’s pretty much free advertising for your business. But as with all instances of free lunch or 3 wishes, the catch is in the logistics. Maintaining cohesive brand identity in

"Reshoring" of Manufactuing Jobs: Good Signs for the US

In these uncertain economic times, business owners (small and massive) are doing everything that they can to minimize costs and streamline their business model. Nothing new? Think again! Where just a few years ago streamlining operations meant outsourcing overseas, increasingly

What You May Not Know About Big Data

Chances are that if you’re in business, you’ve been hearing the term “Big Data” being thrown around with other phrases like “the future” or “crazy-awesome-giant-scary.” But what exactly is Big Data? Is it bigger than a bread box? Is it

Big Data And the Hiring of Tomorrow

In our technology driven present day, automation has lost some of the stigma that it once bore to the general public. Nobody thinks twice when they see an automatic toll booth or an ATM about the people that could have

Job Seekers Shown to Prefer Employers With Good Business Ethics

A new study from Corporate Responsibility Magazine has found that job seekers will, in most cases, continue their job search rather than accept employment from a company with a reputation for poor business ethics. In today’s uncertain business climate, employees

Zappo's CEO Admits We're All A Little Weird

You’ve attracted quality talent from your job listings, have conducted pre-screening questions and have interviews scheduled-now what? Time to prepare the questions, but what kinds of questions. Job seekers are well familiar with the quirky questions Google comes up with,