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Spread Too Thin

One of the best things about social media is that it’s pretty much free advertising for your business. But as with all instances of free lunch or 3 wishes, the catch is in the logistics. Maintaining cohesive brand identity in

"Reshoring" of Manufactuing Jobs: Good Signs for the US

In these uncertain economic times, business owners (small and massive) are doing everything that they can to minimize costs and streamline their business model. Nothing new? Think again! Where just a few years ago streamlining operations meant outsourcing overseas, increasingly

What You May Not Know About Big Data

Chances are that if you’re in business, you’ve been hearing the term “Big Data” being thrown around with other phrases like “the future” or “crazy-awesome-giant-scary.” But what exactly is Big Data? Is it bigger than a bread box? Is it

Big Data And the Hiring of Tomorrow

In our technology driven present day, automation has lost some of the stigma that it once bore to the general public. Nobody thinks twice when they see an automatic toll booth or an ATM about the people that could have

Job Seekers Shown to Prefer Employers With Good Business Ethics

A new study from Corporate Responsibility Magazine has found that job seekers will, in most cases, continue their job search rather than accept employment from a company with a reputation for poor business ethics. In today’s uncertain business climate, employees

Zappo's CEO Admits We're All A Little Weird

You’ve attracted quality talent from your job listings, have conducted pre-screening questions and have interviews scheduled-now what? Time to prepare the questions, but what kinds of questions. Job seekers are well familiar with the quirky questions Google comes up with,

Large Surge in Applicants for First Time Unemployment

August’s decline in unemployment from 8.3% to 8.1% hasn’t been widely received as good news. Apparently, much of the drop is due to hundreds of thousands of people, particularly people between the ages of 16-24, dropping out of the work

Accolo’s CEO Responds to Ranking as RPO Leader

HRO Today Magazine recently announced the results of their annual Baker’s Dozen survey ranking Accolo as a market leader in RPO and our CEO, John Younger, could not be more excited about the news. “This is fantastic news,” said John

Hacker Headache: How to Keep Your WordPress Account Secure

Chances are that you don’t have the same locks on your car as you do for your house, but what about the passwords on your email and LinkedIn or Facebook? If you haven’t heard about it yet, last month a

Putting Bad Marks on Your Own Permanent Record: How Your Online Presence Effects Your Standing in the Workplace

It can be hard to take things back. Once words leave your lips or are spelled out on a page, you are adding to your personal brand or, if you’re representing your employer, your company’s brand. Many of us have

201,000 Private Sector Jobs in August

Good news on the job front. Automatic Data Processing reported that private sector employers added 201,000 jobs last month, which for a nation that hasn’t produced over 200,000 jobs since February, is very promising. What does this all mean, and

Hard Times for Job Seekers: Employer Stigma Against the Unemployed

Unemployment in the United States is uncontroversial. Sure there is a huge amount of controversy surrounding who is to blame for the 8.3% unemployment rate and even greater contention on what should be done to remedy the problem, but there

Mixed Forecast for Economic Growth

Though the US and Global economies are still very much in the doldrums of a creeping post-recession come back, there have been a few nice surprises of late. According to Boomberg Business news, the economy grew faster than anticipated in

11 Examples of Extreme HR Practices

Marketing departments are known for thinking outside the box, sales teams have perfected the perfect pitch, why can’t HR departments have just as much fun being innovative with their hiring? Dr. John Sullivan in part 2 of 13 More Bold

Chocolatiers for 100 Years: The Hidden Lives of the Tootsie Roll Millionaires

This investigative report into the ancient and reclusive Tootsie Roll Industries reveals just how shut off they are from the public eye. From the origins of the forever overlooked tootsie roll to their current secretive business practices, all is revealed.

The Inefficient Open Office

While an open plan office can lead to an easier flow of ideas and collaboration between co-workers, a new study suggests that the resulting noise of these interactions can actually reduce productivity. The alternative of neck-high cubicles like in the

Facebook: Hiring Tool or Profiling Liability?

For recruiters, one of the biggest challenges in finding the right candidate is picking one who is a probable fit for your client’s office culture. Sure they might seem outwardly cheery and qualified, but how can you know for certain

John Younger Talks About the Future of Electric Cars in the Marin IJ

John Younger, President and CEO of Accolo Inc, was quoted in yesterday’s issue of the Marin Independent Journal on the subject of the newest electric cars from Tesla Motors. Younger discussed his excitement to use his personal solar panel system

How to Reject a Candidate with Compassion

So you interviewed the most charming, qualified candidate who had that everything-I’ve-been-looking-for kind of vibe about them last week, only to find a somehow-even-more-amazing fit come Monday. The way that you break the news to Mr/Ms almost-perfect is important. In

Accolo Achieves Inc. 500/5000 for the 4th Time

Another year of growth for Accolo is once again recognized by one of the most prestigious financial magazines in the United States. Larkspur, CA – August 20, 2012 Accolo, Inc. has been awarded Inc. Magazine’s 5000 fastest growing companies for

Auto Industry Desperate to Hire Engineers

Michigan based car companies, such as Chrysler and General Motors, have undoubtedly taken a lot of hits from the various economic downturns over the past few years. From massive layoffs to government bail outs, things haven’t seemed too hopeful for

A New Evaluation of the Gender Wage Gap

Though the glass ceiling of the previous century is still holding over in certain professions, recently compiled studies suggest that the pay gap between men and women in the workplace has more to do with cultural and familial trends, rather

What You May Not Know Your Recruiter is Doing

What makes a great recruiter? Well for one thing, a great recruiter stands out from the crowd in much the same way that a great candidate stands out from the crowd. A great recruiter makes sure that they are not

Rethinking Job Titles to Attract Superheros

Let me ask you this: would you rather apply to be a “nighttime gas station clerk” or a “nocturnal petroleum ninja”? We at Accolo believe that attracting the right candidates for a job is all about the way you communicate