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Auto Industry Desperate to Hire Engineers

Michigan based car companies, such as Chrysler and General Motors, have undoubtedly taken a lot of hits from the various economic downturns over the past few years. From massive layoffs to government bail outs, things haven’t seemed too hopeful for

A New Evaluation of the Gender Wage Gap

Though the glass ceiling of the previous century is still holding over in certain professions, recently compiled studies suggest that the pay gap between men and women in the workplace has more to do with cultural and familial trends, rather

What You May Not Know Your Recruiter is Doing

What makes a great recruiter? Well for one thing, a great recruiter stands out from the crowd in much the same way that a great candidate stands out from the crowd. A great recruiter makes sure that they are not

Rethinking Job Titles to Attract Superheros

Let me ask you this: would you rather apply to be a “nighttime gas station clerk” or a “nocturnal petroleum ninja”? We at Accolo believe that attracting the right candidates for a job is all about the way you communicate

How to Hire for Cultural Compatibility

Finding a perfect fit in a potential employee is a lot more than picking the best resume out of the stack and checking to see if they know how to dress well on interview day. Arguably one of the most

Industry Struggles to Fill Jobs

Even with the unemployment rate hovering around 8.3 percent, there are still industries with thousands of open positions that people are unable or unwilling to fill. Take the American commercial trucking industry. Open job postings around the country stay unfilled

Good News for Hiring: 163,000 Jobs Added in July

According to the Unites States Bureau of Labor Statistics, 163,000 jobs were added to the private sector in July. Though this undoubtedly good news, the sudden surge in hiring near the end of July was not enough to offset the

Career Building Through Positive Thinking

While self-awareness is crucial to success in business, and interactions in general, too much self-conscious thought (especially negative) is a time and energy consuming mental habit. The next time you’re stuck on the treadmill of self doubt, be it in

Skills of the Next Generation

For those already in the business world, understanding the incoming “Generation Z” will be important in bridging the generation gap. That’s right; the Millennials are on their way to the workforce and, just as with any factor that could affect

Interview Questions that Reveal Everything

You have thirty minutes to gather all the information you need to make the perfect hire. You’re aware of the negative impact that a bad hire has on a company and you want to leave confident knowing you made the

Employment Branding: Recruiting Videos That Do It Right

Thanks to Jennifer King, HR Analyst at Software Advice ( for this interesting article – Employment Branding : Recruiting Videos That Do It Right. “The majority of recruiting videos out there make the same mistake – they fail to convey

Knock knock. Who’s there? Opportunity! Join the Accolo Certified Hiring Consultant Network

Accolo Cloud Recruiting is taking off like a RedBull-fueled rocket and we need you to join our team of Accolo Certified Hiring Consultants. Bilingual (Spanish) Hiring Consultant (HC) in Reston, VA Technical HC in Denver, CO Sales HC in Phoenix

How to Turn Your Company Into a Hiring Machine

learn staffing strategies in a tight economy

"Insourcing American Jobs” forum at the White House

On Wednesday, January 11, 2012, President Obama and Vice President Biden will host an “Insourcing American Jobs” forum at the White House focused on the increasing trend of companies choosing to “insource” jobs and invest in growing in the United

Accolo’s Black Friday Dealio : 1 Million Jobs filled with Accolo Cloud Recruiting

Accolo has set a big goal for 2012 – lower unemployment in the US by 10% by filling 1 Million jobs by companies using our Accolo Cloud Recruiting® Platform. To kick this off, we’re giving you a 2-for-1 Black Friday

Accolo wins Excellence in Recruiting Ethics Award

From candidate to hiring professional and everyone in between – they can and must be treated with the utmost respect & care using the right platform and process.

Let’s blow off a lotta steam : accoloTV is live!

We’re glad to announce the launch of accoloTV – a web video channel that pulls together the most entertaining videos about jobs and employment we can get our job-filling little mitts on. Take some time this afternoon to blow off

Hire Perfection : Accolo CEO John Younger at the EO Guru Conference in San Francisco

John Younger, CEO and President of Accolo, delivered a great presentation at the EO Guru Conference in San Francisco recently on how to “hire perfection” (great employees). Take a look – lots of good knowledge here… [jwplayer config=”accolo no list”

President Obama speaks at LinkedIn Putting America Back to Work Town Hall

Big News today, LinkedIn hosted President Obama at a town hall discussion on a Special Edition of their Putting America Back to Work effort. Lot’s of good ideas here and we’re very glad to be a big part of this.

Accolo Recognized as RPO Market Leader 4th Year in a Row for On-demand Recruitment Process Outsourcing in HRO Today’s Baker’s Dozen!

Cloud Recruiting pioneer also recognized as expert for Employee Referral Program Best Practices Larkspur, CA – September 8, 2011 – For the fourth consecutive year, Accolo Inc. (the leader in Cloud Recruiting®) has been voted as a market leader in

Candidates are Customers too. Shouldn't that be a No Brainer… ?

put on your corporate hat, folks A very smart and thoughtful individual responded to the statement that we need to remember that candidates are not only applicants but customers (among other things). His position was that we shouldn’t set expectations

Accolo's "Click-n-Clack" duo present at's Virtual Conference on RPO

What does continuous innovation have to do with HR?

Guide To Writing Good Behavioral-Based Questions

Within the question framework of the Accolo online application for candidates is the ability for Accolo Hiring Consultants and Hiring Managers to craft behavioral based interview questions. For the sake of expediency and keystroke-savings, the behavioral based question is known

Making a Job Offer

Courteous, Respectful and Confidential: best practices in extending an offer of employment “If you are planning on doing business with someone again, don’t be too tough in the negotiations. If you’re going to skin a cat, don’t keep it as