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Notre Dame Head Football Coach Search Gets Professional Help

In an unprecedented move, Accolo is unofficially supporting the effort to find the next Notre Dame Head Football Coach in the spirit of teamwork and winning.

Accolo named #1 On-demand RPO provider for 2nd year in a row

“Accolo’s on-demand recruitment has helped us reduce our recruiting cost ratio by more than 50% while improving our hiring managers’ satisfaction,” said Maynard Webb, Chairman and CEO of LiveOps

Hire for Education™

Glenwood’s Hire for Education™ Program Hire great people for your company while supporting Glenwood Elementary through our Hire for Education™ Program!!

What is Hiring Performance?

Glad you asked. Hiring Performance is the measurement of both the effectiveness and efficiency of your recruit to hire process as determined by three key performance Key performance metrics including: 1) Recruiting Cost Ratio; 2) Time to Start; 3) Candidate

Catch the Recruiting Technology Wave

“The combination of John’s passion, enthusiasm and knowledge will ensure delegates are in for a high octane, thought provoking session.”

Have Our Prayers Been Answered?

“Not all of them, not all at once, but here and there, jobs are opening that weren’t projected a couple weeks ago. Is this one of those “green shoots” the economists have been referencing?

Masters of the Obvious: Applicant Volume vs the Dow

For every 1 applicant increase per job, we can expect a 45 point drop in the Dow. Because we serve as the internal recruiting function for hundreds of companies, we have some unique insights into job applicant data. I recently

Career Killers

The working landscape is changing rapidly, and Career Killers today may not be Career Killers tomorrow. For example, many people in their early twenties are posting things online about beer bashes, dates gone wrong, and a variety of extremely personal

Redefining Failure

Despite the disasters, I learned lessons that they don’t teach you in business school or investment banking.

Respectful Recruiting

The idea of regulating the recruiting industry to make people mind their manners seems a bit off.

It's Not What You Know, But Who Knows You Know It

Social networking, for all the recent hype, is hardly a new concept.

Looking for a job? Be the hedgehog, not the fox

Lessons for the job seeker from Good to Great

Thinsourcing: Great White Paper on BPO

Matt Cooper mentioned “thinsourcing” to me in an email a while back, but it wasn’t until yesterday that I tracked down the piece to which he was referring.

Why Cheap Can Be Scary

While pitching our value proposition recently, a CFO I spoke with exclaimed “how and why are you so cheap?”

Accolo Certified as a Bay Area Green Business

“The Bay Area Green Business Program is one of the most forward thinking and prestigious environmental business programs in the nation.”

Green Hiring and Incentivizing Companies to Go Green

The term Green Hiring can take a lot of directions, at Accolo we like to think that our current and prospective employees like working for a company that values the environment and tries to make a better workplace for them.

What Does Recruiting Cost You When You Aren’t Hiring?

“The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.” – John F. Kennedy

So Little Historical Perspective in Recruiting

I was approached last week by an executive for a new company to remain nameless that came up with an innovative new concept… let companies offer cash referral awards for jobs.

Measuring Requirements and Design Effectiveness in Software Projects

We know how to measure implementation effectiveness and productivity using a development backlog and concepts like Running Tested Features (RTF).

Agile Development Off-shore and Problems with the Backlog

The importance of a well developed, force-ranked backlog of development priorities A couple of weeks ago I wrote about Agile software development off-shore. In that post I mentioned that the single most important item when planning and managing an Agile

Where Is Your VC Funding Going?

The people you hire is the single greatest investment you make. Accolo raised a Series B round in June of 2007 from Altos Ventures with three goals in mind:

What is a pipeline of candidates? It’s bigger than a breadbox…

We spend a lot of time talking to companies about what they want from their recruiting department, and a common phrase is always, “we want a candidate pipeline.” Many of them have been talking to contingency recruiting agencies, staffing firms

Accolo Launches New Website and Expands Markets Now Packed with enhanced features and resources for executives, HR professionals and job seekers