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Managing Hiring Risk

Risk management in hiring

Brownie in Motion

Welcome to the new face of Accolo.

The Lucky Thirteen

True end-to-end RPO HR Today listed Accolo as one of 13 companies who provide “true end-to-end RPO.”

Accolo Exclusive: People Want Jobs

Let me be the first to break some news that you can’t find anywhere else: a lot of people are looking for work right now. Really. I swear.

Accolo Wins Best RPO of the Year Award for 2005

Accolo, Inc. has been named the Recruitment Process Outsourcer of the Year for 2005 at the HRO World Conference

Outsourcing for financial impact

A response to cash savings from outsourcing IT On a plane to San Diego, I had the good fortune of my laptop battery dying after its standard 30 minutes of life and opened the May issue of Inc magazine.