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Mapping the Talent Gap

Getting your first big break is one of the defining moments in any great career. It’s that moment when someone takes a look at you, at the work you’ve been doing and then decides, “Sure, she may not be that

Trouble Hiring? Try Tapping Alternative Candidate Sources

There are few things more frustrating than false advertising, especially when it comes to people. Though you might get mad at your self-buttering toaster for not living up to your wildest breakfast dreams, I’m sure you’d get even madder at

Turning the Tables on Turnover

When you get down to it, the true limits of what goals and initiatives your company or your team can reach lie at the limits of the abilities of your employees. No matter how fantastic you believe your idea for

Attracting the Next Generation of Talent

When you go to a party, be it a birthday party for one of your kid’s friends or a crazy one in a warehouse with people on stilts and crazy lights, you’ll probably end up talking about work at some

Developing A Local Presence to Find Local Talent

Who do you compete with for talent? Are your best people frequently approached by local competitors or even national or global companies in your industry? If you were following this blog last week, when we were discussing “The State of

Closing the Talent Gap Through Practical Education

  This week on the Accolo Blog, we’ve been discussing the state of hiring in the US and how these trends have been affecting employers and job seekers alike. One of the largest concerns that employers have expressed is concerning

Challenges for Young Job Seekers

Finding a good job can be tough. Heck, finding any job is tough for many Americans. Though the unemployment rate has been falling (slowly but surely) since its high at 10% in 2009, the job market remains fairly unforgiving for

Challenges for Employers: The Talent Gap

How long does it take for you to fill a vacancy? Does it take a few weeks? A few months?  Why? Some call it the Skill Shortage, some call it the Talent Gap. Whatever you want to call the tough

Hiring Expectations VS Reality

What you want isn’t always what you get.  In fact, it’s pretty rare to get exactly what you want out of any situation that’s more complicated than ordering dinner or taking care of your dry cleaning. The more complex the

Demand For Talent Increases as Unemployment Decreases

The unemployment rate is just one of those things that’s depressing to track too minutely. Since the banking collapse of 2008, workers in the United States have been hit by mass layoffs, long term unemployment and a recession to boot.

A Different Look at Team Building

We’ve talked a lot about team building this week, from how good it can be for company morale to how awkward it can be to force your employees to do something that they have no interest in. Getting outside of

The Best Team Building Activity

What have you done to show your employees that you care?  When it comes time to reap the rewards of your department’s hard work, do you share the rewards and kudos with your employees? Everyone likes to be rewarded for

Team Building With Millennials

Since this week’s theme on the Accolo blog is “Team Building”, I thought that one of the best things to cover would be Millennials and how team building with them is different than with any other age group. Though you

How to Hire for a Stronger Team

Not everyone can work well together. Just because two people on the same team have decades of common experiences (their college majors, industry and employer) doesn’t mean that they’ll be a match made in heaven. When you’re charged with making

The Benefits of Team Building: Give Employees Something to Talk About

Let’s face it, not everyone gets to have a cool job. If we were all lion tamers and movie directors, then who would be left to process the payroll or collate the contracts? Yep, it’s the people in these jobs

Overwhelmed at Work? You Need to Talk to…

This week on the Accolo blog, we’ve been talking a lot about the importance of maintaining a good work/life balance for working successfully in the long term. Though it might make you feel superhuman to do superhuman amounts of work

Finding the Perfect Balance Between Work and Everything Else

The pace of modern life can be staggering. Though the development of mobile technology has opened the way for a new level of connectivity and convenience, this increased connectivity means that work can follow you wherever you are in the

A New Hire Can Help Your Overworked Employees

Being on the same page as your team is an essential skill for any good manager. When you communicate with your employees, you expect that the advice that you’ve given and the goals that you’ve set have been understood by

How to Talk to Your Boss About Stress

Some people thrive on stressful situations. To them, an encroaching deadline or the bottom falling out of a project is just the challenge they’ve been looking for, becoming super charged by the stress of the situation and harnessing this energy

Tips for Fighting Stress at Work

Stress is a part of working life. Unlike the stress you experienced in school, the stress that results from the pressures of the work environment can feel a whole lot more real. Unlike turning in an essay late or flunking

Mistakes to Avoid for Job Seekers

When at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. One of the biggest factors that separate unsuccessful job seekers from those who end up achieving their goals is persistence. If you can continue with the same levels of determination

A Great Job Interview Starts With Great Research

When it comes to pulling off a great job interview, knowledge is power. The 30-60 minutes that you spend with a hiring manager in an initial interview is your one chance to make a great impression and get your foot

Be Memorable In Interviews, Not Pushy

As a job seeker, the interview can be a nerve wracking experience. You want to make a good impression on your interviewer, but have little to no idea of what this person is like beyond this formal 30 minute interaction.

How to Show Your Employees That You Care

We’ve talked a lot this week about the policies and practices that lead to higher employee engagement such as selecting managers for their emotional intelligence and creating a strong, welcoming company culture for your employees to be a part of.