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Higher Engagement Starts With Hiring

This week, we’ve been talking a lot about how employers can improve the engagement of their staff. So far, we’ve been looking at this problem in it’s later stages, when employees have already begun to withdraw from their jobs and

How Referrals Enhance Employee Engagement

When you’re trying to make a hire, you’re not only looking for somebody to complete the skill requirements of the position but also somebody who will be able to work well with your existing staff. As you’ve probably experienced, just

How to Stop "Going Through The Motions"

How satisfied are your employees with their jobs? Do most of your employees display signs of good morale or are you surrounded by people who are just going through the motions? As unpleasant as it is to think about, there’s

Employee Engagement Starts With Good Managers

What do your employees want out of their jobs? If you think the answer to this question is “a paycheck,” then you’re sorely mistaken. Today’s workforce wants a lot more than money out of their jobs, they want a place

The Differences Between the Sexes at Work

When looked at through a historical lens, gender equality in the United States has never been better than it is today. That being said, there is still a ways to go before we can even begin to claim that the

Best Practices for Employee Retention

The relationship that employees have with their employer has changed dramatically over the past few decades. Where before, employers all of the power in the hiring process, today, with the “war for talent” still raging, high profile professionals find themselves

Managing Millennial Aspirations

One of the qualities that makes an amazing manager is the ability to understand the desires and motivating forces that drive their team. Without this valuable emotional intelligence, a manager can’t understand what motivates their reporting employees and, thus, can’t

How does Working Remotely Work for Your Company?

How often do you work from home? Is it once in a blue moon, when you’re too sick to get your buns out of bed and into the office? Is it every once in a while when you want to

Dressing for the Workplace

What do you think of when you hear the term “professional?” Do you think of hundred dollar haircuts, thousand dollar suits and million dollar smiles? Though what you wear and how you wear it doesn’t affect how well you can

The Trade-offs of Small Business

When you’re trying to find a company that’s a great fit for you, there’s a lot to consider. For one thing, there’s the product or service that the company provides. Is it a different industry than you’re used to working

Bee’s Knees: A Small Business Success Story

Going into business for yourself is no picnic. In the beginning, it’s entirely possible that the only people that you have to help are the unfortunate friends and family members that you’ve roped into working for you. Then there’s the

What Makes a Small Business?

When you think of a small business, what comes to mind? Do you envision the classic “mom-n-pop” shop on the main street of your town, complete with delightfully elderly owners and bright eyed young clerks? Do you picture a trio

How Small Business Stacks Up Against Big Business

How small are small businesses? While this might sound like an open and shut sort of question (small businesses are small, everyone knows that), the reality is that small businesses have a rather large effect on our country’s economy and

This Week is National Small Business Week

The United States is one of the most entrepreneur friendly countries in the world. I mean, they don’t call it the “American Dream” for nothing. All that you need to be a business success in this country is a good

How to Attract and Keep the Right Employees

Half of the fight in the war for talent is attracting great candidates to your company. The second half is getting them to stay once you’ve found the right person for the job. In today’s hyper-connected age, it’s entirely possible

How Bias Can Hurt Your Hiring

Our preferences determine a lot in our lives. They determine what line of work we’re in, what sort of music we listen to, even the sort of people that we choose to surround ourselves with. In a way, it’s our

The Right Way to Write Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are important. Not only are they the primary method of attracting talent to apply for your open positions, but job descriptions are also important for establishing the finer points of an employee’s duties once they’ve become a part

Bridging the Hiring Manager-HR Gap

The point from which you work on a process or project makes a huge difference in the way that you experience that process or project. If you’re working on the factory floor, filling jars with peanut butter for 14 hours

How to Choose From Your Hiring Candidates

When it comes to picking the best fit candidate for your open job, selecting this candidate from the final handful of applicants can be tough. When you get down to the last few candidates for the job, often times, it

The Things You Should Keep From HR

When you work for a large company, Human Resources can be your best friend in certain situations and your worst nightmare in others. If you have an egotistical manager who’s making everyone under them hate their job, you can’t really

How to Write Policy

When it comes managing, there’s a fine line to walk when it comes to policy creation. On the one hand, you need rules and procedures for handling various legal and behavioral issues that come up in the workplace. On the

Beating Bad Boss Tendencies

Bad bosses are everywhere. You might overhear them in your local coffee shop, screaming at the new guy about the difference between an Americano and an Espresso in the back of the store. You might see them at your job,

How Managers Can Help (and Hurt) Employee Motivation

In today’s highly competitive talent marketplace, it pays to be considered employee friendly. While you might not be able to beat out your competitors on the salary that they can offer job seekers or the reputation that they have in

The Right Way to Schedule Interviews

Managing candidates can be a real headache. Besides everything that’s on your plate normally, throwing in resumes, dozens of interviews to schedule, references and backgrounds to check can throw things out of whack. When business conflicts do arise with the