Panduit's Keys to Success Infographic

With the struggle to finding qualified talent becoming a full scale battle, wouldn’t it be nice to have an ally on your side? Someone with the experience to help you find the perfect candidate, align with your recruitment goals and most importantly be available when you need them? Well, you are not alone!

Mark Baudler, Senior Manager of HR Services and Process Improvement, was in a bind. Panduit Solutions was experiencing extremely low hiring managers’ satisfaction levels, delayed time-to-fill open positions, and difficulties keeping costs down with the dynamic hiring that Panduit required. He started looking for a solution to the pains that their recruit-to-hire system was creating.

What Mark found was a culturally aligned and strategically advanced partner in Accolo Recruitment Process Outsourcing. With Accolo, Mark was able to bring Panduit’s recruitment costs down 30%, cut the time to fill a position 45%, and best of all increase hiring managers’ satisfaction levels 58%!

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