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When it comes to recruiting, the reputation of an entire company is worth more than ever in today’s applicant-flooded job market. Just like the talent that they represent, recruiters need to focus on putting forward their company’s best possible professional image. According to the new Recruiting Effectiveness and Retention Report from, the building of a good reputation can be achieved over time through a company’s retention of top talent. Highly talented individuals know that they are in demand and seek to work at companies with other highly talented individuals. By making sure that your company effectively facilitates the hiring of such in-demand professionals, other high caliber candidates will be drawn to you as well. Simply, top talent wants to work with other top talent. This phenomenon leads to what the guide calls a “Virtuous Spiral” — which is quite the opposite of a downward spiral. The difficult part is gaining momentum in the first place. To read the article on staffing spirals or get the report for yourself, follow the links below.

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