Swing State Jobless Rates Could Decide Presidential Race

I for one cannot wait until election day. No more endless and useless focus on campaigning, posturing and promise making that always serves to muddy up the crisp October air. Come November, we can all get back to arguing over real issues as opposed to who thinks who’s going to win the world series. Until then, most of the political discussion going on will be about the economy and jobs. Jobs jobs jobs. Perhaps one of the most hot button issues of our time.

According to an article from NBC’s Economy Watch, the effects of the recession have been felt quite differently throughout different states in our nation. Some have markedly less unemployment while others have born the brunt of all the economic downturn of the past few years. This means that there is a huge discrepancy in the jobless rates of almost all of those sometimes undecided states that are typically called “swing states”. Some, like Virginia and Iowa, are well below the national average (around 5 percent unemployment each) while Nevada comes in at an unfortunate 11.8% unemployment rate. Economic variety like this is sure to make an uncertain election all the more convoluted in the weeks to come. To get the full story and all the unemployment rates for swing states, click the link below:

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