The Statistical Benefits of Networking

We’ve all heard the classic adage “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Well unless you’re a Hilton heiress, you still need to know how to do your job, but this generalization is true in the importance that it places on business connections. Unless you are an unparalleled genius in your field, chances are that some personal connection to the company that you’re applying to will benefit you. Approaching a position as an unknown is liable to get your resume out of the black hole with all the other candidates that didn’t have an in. According to a new survey from, the majority of workers in the US got their current position through some sort of networking. The take home message here is reach out and be active. Utilize both social networks and real live business connections to your advantage because, statistically, your job search will probably go better. To read the full article on the advantages of recruiting with source of hire metrics, click the link below.

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