Truth Over Glamour

Representing your company’s culture in the hopes of attracting employees in ways that are vague yet nice-sounding, or just unrealistic, is a tactic that is doomed to failure. Not only will your attempts to artificially flavor the office atmosphere be as easy to sense as a Banana Laffy Taffy, but you may just end up attracting the wrong candidates based on this false image. If your firm has its nose to the grindstone, don’t sugar coat it. Disingenuously representing your company’s spirit and culture is just one of the major pitfalls for your employee brand, according to an article from If job sites represent your company’s attitude falsely, it will just mean more work for you in the long run: spending time and money on people who align with a version of your firm which has no bearing on reality. When promoting your company, you want to give the material as fresh a spin as possible while still remaining faithful to the facts. To read about other employee branding pitfalls to be avoided, click the link below.

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