Us Trade Deficit Drops to Lowest Point in 2 Years

Good news everyone! The United States trade deficit, our nation’s ever lingering bad dinner guest, has slimmed dramatically more than expected to a mere 41.5 Billion dollars. While it is unfortunate that this is the trade deficit and not the nastier one that starts with a 16 and ends with a trillion, it’s still good news. The main reason that I think this is cool is because the decrease is directly related to the US’s highest ever quarter for exports. It also has to do in large part with Americans buying American and relying less heavily on foreign goods. So what have we been selling? I definitely have got to give it up to the commercial aircraft, the farm equiptment and the heavy machinery producers. Most economists are wary of predicting any continued growth in this accelerated pattern, citing irregularities such as the jump in cost of soy beans due to the drought. Whatever the case, lets say USA USA for today and celebrate the shrinking trade deficit.