Assetmark Case Study: Finding the Perfect RPO Partner makes all the difference.

Panduit Experience; Keys to SuccessSummary

When Assetmark set out to revitalize their company after becoming privatized from Genworth, they found the right partner in Accolo as their recruitment process outsourcing provider. Learn through Assetmarks’ “trial and error” on how this partnership made all the difference in the hiring world.

Hiring Pains

Assetmark was a brand new company with a deep history. They wanted to create a recruitment strategy that satisfied everybody and with the many different jobs that they needed to have filled this was quite the challenge.

Proven Growth

  • Cost reduction in the recruitment process
  • Increase in hiring management satisfaction
  • Decrease in time-to-fill technical positions
  • Increase the applicant quality, best cultural and technical fit candidates

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