Webroot Revolutionizes Hiring Process Case Study

Case Study:

Discover how partnering with Accolo’s All-In-One Hiring Team to Manage Dynamic Hiring Needs, Tackle Candidate Tracking Challenges, and Develop Recruiting Metrics Transformed Their Business

Webroot Case StudyKnown as the market leader in next-generation endpoint security, network security, and threat intelligence driven by machine learning, Webroot was facing several challenges with their hiring process.

One of Webroot’s biggest issues revolved around managing their dynamic hiring needs.  With just one full time employee and one contract recruiter to manage their process, it was difficult to adapt to hiring fluctuations throughout the year.

In addition, the few recruiting metrics that were being monitored and calculated were being handled manually. Webroot wasn’t effectively tracking candidates, so job seekers were receiving little to no communication.  Because sufficient tracking didn’t exist, Webroot had no way to monitor, calculate, or forecast recruiting costs.

Last, but definitely not least, their time-to-fill was averaging 90 days from launch to offer acceptance, reducing Webroot’s overall productivity.

Fortunately they turned to Accolo’s Elevated RPO Solutions to help them tackle their hiring challenges and transform their hiring process.

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