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Frequently asked recruitment questions

Have a question? Please look at some of these frequently asked recruitment questions and see if we’ve already answered it. Or click here to ask us directly.

What is Accolo?

Accolo is a recruiting solution that uses a unique combination of a career network, leading-edge technology, and recruitment expertise. Accolo will profile each job, find candidates, conduct job specific interviews, only forward those people who meet the minimum criteria, manage candidate flow, and track all activity. Accolo’s solution is completely web-based.

How do I access the Accolo application (myAccolo)?

The short answer: you can’t get there from here. Just kidding. Accessing myAccolo depends on whether you are currently logged in. If you are, click the “myAccolo” link in the top center of your screen below where it says hello “your name”. If you have not logged in yet, click the Log-in button at the top of the page. When prompted for your credentials, you will have the option to be taken to myAccolo or continue to the page you were previously on.Using the “Remember Me” functionality: By selecting the remember me option upon login-in to the Accolo website or myAccolo application your cookie will be retained for a two week time period so that login will not be necessary whenever you return to the Accolo website or the myAccolo application.

What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Here is how the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association defines Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO):“RPO’s act as a company’s internal recruitment function for a portion or all of its jobs. RPO’s manage the entire recruiting/hiring process from job profiling through the on-boarding of the new hire, including staff, technology, method and reporting. A properly managed RPO will improve a company’s time to hire, increase the quality of the candidate pool, provide verifiable metrics, reduce cost and improve governmental compliance.”

Building on the definition above, there are a few key differentiators between RPO and other types of staffing organizations.

  1. True RPO’s manage the entire recruiting function, not just a subset. For example, organizations that focus exclusively on sourcing candidates are not a true RPO.
  2. RPO’s focus on process – consistency in approach and methods enables an RPO to achieve superior results when compared with most other methods of staffing.
  3. RPO’s can hire across most industries, experience levels and functional roles – exactly what you would expect from your internal recruiting department. Not just sales associates, programmers or designers positions like some agencies or staffing firms.

What happens to the information I provide when applying to a job?

Only the designated hiring authority will see your information. We take confidentiality seriously, and will not release or make your information available to any other party without your direct approval. For more information, please see our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

What if I want to offer a cash referral award?

Accolo manages all aspects of cash referral awards. Not only is this referral award included in the job description, all referrals are tracked and verified. If, as the result of a referral, a hire is made, Accolo will verify the employment status and pay the referral award 90 days after the new hire’s start date.

What about our company job listings?

Accolo can manage all aspects of a company’s job listing page. A unique URL will be provided to the company that lists all active jobs. As jobs are created and filled, this list will be updated automatically based on the hiring managers’ decisions. Point the company’s web site “careers” link to this URL and Accolo will do the rest. And because we were built to function as an internal recruiting department, there is no additional charge. We don’t nickel and dime you like that.

Will I be working with a “real” person?

Not just a real person. A person who is really good at their job. There will be an Accolo professional who oversees the entire process for your jobs. Our Hiring Consultants create customized recruitment plans (including job descriptions and online interview questions) for each job we support. They will then use their expertise to drive candidates to the job and guide the entire process. That “Consultant” piece of their title is no joke – they’re our experts and your resource.

Does Accolo help generate Employee Referrals?

Absolutely. Employee Referrals are one of the best candidate sources. For each job, Accolo creates an e-mail specifically to be distributed to employees to generate employee referrals. This e-mail contains that job’s unique URL, a brief description and a personal request. The Hiring Manager can then forward this e-mail to the appropriate company distribution list.

How are Employee Referrals tracked?

Every referral is tracked by our technology, and each person can view the status of his/her referral at any time by signing into their own Accolo console and looking under the “My Referrals” link. As the person they referred progresses through the screening and interview process, the status is updated.

How do clients interact with Accolo?

Each Hiring Manager has a personal web-based “Console” where candidate information is shown, decisions are made and tracking can be viewed. It is simple to use and requires no training. There is also an assigned Hiring Consultant who will work with the Hiring Manager throughout the process. For clients who sign annual agreements to have Accolo act as their internal recruiting function, a Director of Client Services will function as a Staffing Manager to help outline and execute strategic hiring initiatives.

How is Accolo different than a recruitment agency?

Cost, efficiency, and ability to play well with others. We don’t charge you a percentage of starting salary and we are not concerned with how we find the candidate. We use postings, professional organizations, referrals, and our own member network to find the right candidates because you don’t care how the right candidate is found. Our technology allows us to pre-interview hundreds or thousands of candidates in a day. We automatically track all candidates and give them a timely response when the job is filled. It would take a stadium filled with agency recruiters (yes, it gives us the chills too) to keep up with Accolo.

Can’t Monster, CareerBuilder, agencies or someone else do this?

No, not like we can. We have a patent-pending process and technology that sets us apart. We can beat the combination of company website, newspapers, posting boards, agencies, research companies and recruiters – guaranteed. Internal staffing and recruitment departments who use our solution free themselves of tedious time consuming tasks to concentrate on the high value activities of Client Management and Candidate Relationships.

How is Accolo different than Monster, CareerBuilder or CraigsList?

Level of service. Accolo is a full-service recruiting solution, not just a posting. We have the tools and expertise for you to outsource your entire recruiting function. You have a real, live person to be your point of contact and manage the process. As far as we know, Monster has never made personal contact with any candidates.

How can Accolo possibly do so much for such a low price?

Our technology. Using our process and systems, we can mass customize the overwhelming majority of recruiting functions. We’ll be happy to charge you more if it makes you more comfortable.