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Accolo Duet – Recruitment as a Service

Recruitment as a Service – Find perfect hiring harmony

With Accolo Duet recruitment as a service, you stay in the spotlight of the process while leveraging our unmatched hiring intelligence and the Accolo Cloud Recruiting™ Platform as the foundation for unmatched hiring performance. Duet offers the perfect harmony of our software, intelligence and experience with your team’s expertise. Does your current recruiting effort bring to mind discord and chaos or unity and ease like a well-performed song? Let’s get in tune and hit your recruiting notes in unison.

Accolo Duet recruiting as a service matches an Accolo Trained and Certified Hiring Consultant with your hiring managers to profile the uniqueness of every job. Together you will develop a three-part job marketing plan including a compelling job description, two levels of initial interview questions and an online job marketing campaign. Social networks are also employed to ensure you are casting the widest, most effective net to find that perfect-fit performer. They are out there – let’s find them together with Duet.

Is Duet (recruiting as a service) right for you?

Duet is designed for companies looking to supplement its internal recruiting function and that may be experiencing:

  • High volume of vacancies
  • Difficulties sourcing, attracting and hiring top talent across many key roles
  • Time or resource contraints to pre-screen and qualify candidates for consideration
  • Internal hiring inefficiencies resulting in poor hiring manager satisfaction

The same Accolo Cloud Recruiting™ Platform and hiring intelligence of Accolo Symphony

Shared by your recruiters, hiring managers and candidates this ensures seamless, consistent and predictable recruiting for every stakeholder. The online dashboard provides real-time visibility to candidate information & status coupled with the best practices to manage the process – bringing structure to what was once an inefficient mess.

An Accolo Certified Hiring Consultant

Think of them as you right-hand hiring pro. Your experienced consultant will manage the plan development and creation of your two-level online interview including proven behavioral questions. You or your team can then focus on engaging with the top candidates and moving them forward towards the perfect hire.

Major job board postings and integration to social networks

Tap into major job boards and social networking sites (including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter) to exponentially broaden the reach of referral hiring and enable a source inclusive process, without the cost and effort of posting individually to every job board and social network. Social networking has changed the way we connect and interact, now you can use it to ease the process and expand effectiveness of recruiting.

Patented candidate interviewing and data driven scoring

Technology that eliminates the need for manual resume screening and subjective decision making, allowing you to focus on those “A” players and nurture relationships with those candidates that aren’t right… right now.

Upgrade to Symphony RPO services if you need to

Be secure knowing that we’re ready with a safety-net. If you find that you’re too busy to manage it yourself – or perhaps you want additional services like background checks – you can upgrade to Accolo Symphony Cloud Recruiting™ Software on demand.

Duet Datasheet (download PDF)