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Accolo Symphony

full scale RPO services

Our Symphony Recruitment Process Outsourcing service will bring music to your ears.

Symphony is our premier recruitment process outsourcing solution for companies looking for end-to-end hiring support. With this option, Accolo will handle all aspects of recruiting from job profiling, sourcing and pre-screening candidates, scheduling and conducting interviews, even helping some clients create offer letters and on-board new hires.

Clients who take advantage of Accolo Symphony will be assigned a dedicated Client Relationship Management Team that knows your business and the business of recruiting inside and out. An Accolo Client Executive (your right hand recruitment manager) and hand-picked Accolo Certified Hiring Consultants (experts in your business and the personal contact point with potential employees) will work with you remotely or even on-site to handle every aspect of your day-to-day recruitment process.

Is Symphony right for you?

Symphony is designed for companies seeking to outsource the entire recruiting process and that may be experiencing:

  • Periods of rapid growth or expansion
  • Difficulties sourcing, attracting and hiring top talent across many key roles
  • Internal hiring inefficiencies resulting in poor hiring manager satisfaction, poor retention or costly time-to-fill
  • Internal or budgetary pressures to outsource the recruiting function

Work with recruiting expertise that you can trust.

Accolo Symphony combines:

Trusted Recruiting Team: Clients who take advantage of our end-to-end RPO support model are assigned a delivery team consisting of a Client Executive and one or more certified hiring consultants, who will work with the hiring managers on day-to-day recruiting efforts. Access an elite team of certified recruiting professionals with the most relevant industry, functional and geographic experience.

Recruiting Process Based on Universal Hiring Best Practices: We bring predictable process management and over 14 years of hiring intelligence to every recruiting engagement.

All-Inclusive Sourcing Model: Accolo believes in casting a wide, but focused net to attract the best fit candidates, including those passive candidates who are not actively job searching. Each Accolo job is seemless integration with external resources such as social networks, job boards, diversity organizations, professional groups and other candidate generation sources. Plus, all clients will have access to our proprietary, nurtured 3+Million Accolo Career Network Members.

Our collaborative Cloud Recruiting Platform – shared by your recruiters, hiring managers and candidates — ensures seamless, consistent and predictable recruiting for every stakeholder. The online dashboard gives a real-time look into every bit of information and communication, organizing and streamlining the candidate application, screening, ranking and scheduling process.

Data-Driven Results: Results aren’t simply measured in the number of successful hires we make. All of our clients can rely on comprehensive reporting, with all relevant hiring performance metrics, including: Days to Present, Days to Accept, Days to Start, Recruiting Cost Ratio and Candidate Flow. We also capture both candidate and hiring manager satisfaction rates via a qualitative survey after every candidate interaction and client engagement.

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