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Accolo Cloud Recruiting Platform


Hiring Managers and Human Resource professionals demand Service Not Software ® to meet their hiring needs. That’s why we provide the most service-centric combination highly trained Hiring Consultants and advanced Cloud Recruiting techniques dedicated to connecting hiring managers and perfect-fit candidates.

Empowered by the collective hiring intelligence of thousands of successful hires across hundreds of companies and intelligently guided by proven markers for talent and candidate sources, Accolo’s Cloud Recruiting platform has lead to hire success for many of the world’s leading companies.



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Accolo Cloud Recruiting® Solution

  • Patented SaaS recruiting platform using latest Cloud Computing techniques
  • Embedded Universal Hiring Best Practices
  • On-line, two level candidate interviewing
  • Patented candidate screening and scoring
  • Automated candidate communications
  • Full EEO compliance tracking

Accolo Hiring Intelligence Knowledgebase

  • Job description library
  • Initial interview question library
  • Behavioral-based secondary interview question library
  • Candidate source history
    – Social networks
    – Job boards
    – Employee referrals
    – Accolo sourcing
  • Hiring Performance Metrics- Days to Present
    – Days to Accept
    – Days to Start
    – Recruiting Cost Ratio
    – Hiring Activity Reporting

Accolo’s Cloud Recruiting Platform is not just another recruiter’s applicant tracking system. It is your hiring managers’ “perpetual hiring machine” that fulfills the relentless pursuit to connect the hiring manager and perfect-fit candidates in the most economical, effective and efficient manner ever available.


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