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ATS vs Cloud Recruiting

Cloud Recruiting or Applicant Tracking Systems for Recruiters. Which is best for your?

Who shines the most in your business? The sales team with assistance from Salesforce? Or perhaps the marketing team with their advancements in marketing automation? It’s now time for the HR department to experience hire success

All other departments have leveraged cloud platforms to increase efficiencies and effectiveness of their teams, and now it’s your turn.


Today, the recruiting industry is highly fragmented and most companies have to enter into agreements with multiple vendors including: technology providers, job boards, networking sites, and agencies.


Accolo turns the juggling of all these point solutions into a streamlined recruit to hire process. Our Cloud Recruiting® Platform combines the best of applicant tracking software, internal recruiters and agencies all integrated into a single cloud recruiting solution.

Most applicant tracking systems are not driving a process that is based upon a proven best practices model that focuses on not only the recruiter, but on the candidate experience and the hiring manager’s satisfaction. With Accolo’s Cloud Recruiting Platform you leverage the collective hiring intelligence from over 20,000 successfully filled jobs. Our continuously growing, collective hiring intelligence aggregated across hundreds of companies and thousands of successful hires will reduce your cost per hire, enhance the quality of each hire and increase the operational efficiency of every recruiting resource.

Accolo’s Cloud Recruiting Platform is not just another recruiter’s applicant tracking system. Accolo’s Cloud Recruiting system is your hiring managers’ recruitment swiss army knife that helps them connect with perfect-fit candidates in the most economical, effective and efficient manner ever available.It’s not just software as a service, it’s recruiting as a service.


Why is our Cloud Recruiting platform so popular?
Our clients achieve hire success by:

  • Leveraging our collaborative, integrated cloud recruiting solution for all steps of the hiring process
  • We centralize access with full integration and positing to all major job boards, niche boards, and social networks
  • Easily manage the process for every stakeholder by providing immediate access to information and allowing stakeholders (hiring managers, candidates and recruiters) to take immediate action
  • Providing a data driven approach to recruiting by using our collective hiring intelligence and proven markers for talent from over 20,000 successfully filled jobs
  • Driving excellence with easy access to key hiring performance metrics
  • We respond quickly to company needs with our Certified Hiring Consultants to ensure quality candidates are delivered quickly
  • Expanding your reach with our Career Network of over 2.5 million people
  • Capturing and tracking with our software included for all support options (ATS/CRM)
  • Elevating hiring manager’s satisfaction to 200x national average
  • Ensuring an incredible employment brand with positive candidate experiences

The Problems with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) for Recruiters

  • Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are only one aspect to a multidimensional recruiting process, which forces recruiters and hiring managers to be limited to just managing the candidate flow.
  • ATS systems leave hiring managers with piles of resumes and applications to review, with no automatic interview and screening questions to deliver the highest quality candidates
  • Limited to only your candidates and metrics, you don’t get the benefit of the expertise, industry statistics and benchmarks across thousands of like hiring efforts
  • No access to a nurtured referral network that allows you to connect with potential candidates through social networks and immediately push the new posting out to them
  • Still need to enter into agreements with and manage multiple disconnected vendors that create gaps and inconsistencies in the recruit to hire process, not to mention bloated hidden costs