Designed to Scale with Your Business


everyone who uses the Accolo Cloud Recruiting® Platform
to fill a job enjoys these benefits in their search for hire success


hire quality : Increased Candidate Quality

  • Source inclusive job marketing campaigns cast a wide net and maximize candidate flow
  • Crowd sourcing and social network techniques to maximize referral based hiring, giving access to over 1 Billion social network users and job board candidates
  • Collective Intelligence of thousands of hires to identify the most relevant candidates
  • Online application process and interviews, including our patented candidate scoring model to identify perfect fit applicants

hire satisfaction : Improved Hiring Manager Satisfaction

  • Eliminate hiring manager time wasted on unqualified candidates
  • Satisfaction survey to rate Certified Hiring Consultants after every job
“I can’t say enough great things about Accolo. I Love love love it. This was convenient, saved me time and provided a better candidate for review.”

hire performance : Reduced Overall Cost of Recruiting

  • Eliminate fixed costs of recruiting- Reduce in-house staff requirements
  • Minimize use of expensive contingency agencies
  • Eliminate need for cost of other applicant tracking systems

hire flexibility : Scale Recruiting Capacity On-Demand

  • Increase or decrease recruiting resources with the Accolo Hiring Consultant Network providing effective and specialized recruiting support based on industry, function and geography

hire predictability : Increased “Recruit to Hire” process transparency and predictability

  • Collaborative centralized workspace given instant view of entire process to all stakeholders including hiring managers, human resources and recruiters
  • Data driven, progressive and source inclusive recruitment campaigns
  • Hiring Performance metrics reporting system with insights to: Days to Present, Days to Accept, Days to Start, Recruiting Cost Ratio, and Candidate Sources
  • Enhanced process visibility for all stakeholders
  • Improved communications and transparency for candidates enhancing employment brand
  • Universal, on-demand access to every candidate’s information for all stakeholders
“I loved the platform and the scoring system. I liked how I could Make A Decision and move them forward, see bar chart reporting and attach notes to the candidate.”


hire communications : Enhanced Candidate Relationship Management

  • Automated candidate communications throughout the process to ensure candidate satisfaction and build employment brand
  • Self service job agents for candidate pipelining
  • Leverage the referral and social networks of every candidate and employee
  • Comprehensive EEOC and OFCCP reporting to ensure compliance