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Managed Recruiting Services

Accolo’s award winning Managed Recruitment Services (RPO)

Accolo’s Managed Recruitment Service provides you all of the benefits of a world class recruiting function including:

  • eliminate your fixed cost associated with recruiting
  • reallocate human and financial capital to core competencies
  • scale your recruiting capacity up or down on-demand
  • institute a consistent and predictable recruit to hire process
  • increase candidate quality and hiring manager satisfaction
  • enhance your employment brand

Your turn-key recruiting department includes:

  • Accolo client executive – your talent acquisition executive
  • dedicated Accolo client program manager – your talent acquisition leader
  • on-site Accolo certified hiring consultants – your dedicated recruiting team
  • the Accolo patented SaaS Cloud Recruiting® Platform
  • on-demand recruiting as a service capacity via Accolo’s Certified Hiring Consultant Network
  • universal hiring best practices process
  • robust hiring activity and compliance reporting

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