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SHRM 2015 Annual Conference & Exposition
June 28-July 1, 2015
Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV

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A Recruiter’s Roadmap for 2015 Hiring
Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Recruiting in 2015 may prove to be more difficult than you might expect — last year, unemployment was the lowest its been since 2008, yet it took companies an average of 25 days to fill open positions (39 days for technology-related hires). In this webinar, we’ll explain the changing landscape of recruiting in 2015, how you can forecast and anticipate your most difficult jobs to fill, and how partnering with an RPO ensures you always have top talent in your recruiting pipeline.


Top Three Tricks for Interviewing & Hiring Technical Employees

Has your company heard the rumor that the traditional format of technical interviewing – one fueled by brain teasers and theoretical questions – is possibly coming to an end? Learn the tricks you need to navigate this changing landscape of technical interviewing in our on-demand webinar.

Becoming a Candidate’s Dream: Best Practices for Establishing a Winning FY15 Hiring Strategy

With over four million job openings in the United States, attracting and hiring the best talent is as competitive as ever, and will continue to intensify in 2015. Accolo wants to do our part in ensuring your company is ready to recruit the talent you need and create a lasting, positive impression with every candidate who applies and joins your organization.